Wwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee BANG!

Welcome to the online home of Regina Community Radio’s new show, What Planet Is This?! I’m your host, Chris Carlier.  I’m still moving in around here, so expect this page to change around a bit.  I’ll be posting playlists, upcoming show events, and other miscellaneous interplanetary news*

*Please note, this show has nothing to do with planets or space.

Join me every Tuesday at 8:00 PM on 91.3 FM in Regina or online.

Check back often, and I’ll keep you up to date!

2 thoughts on “Wwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee BANG!

  1. Rick Moranis? Only you would manage to find something like that. That being said, great show. I think it was the best one yet!

    You should do a song list for your shows online, since I never have a pen handy when I am listening (and I’m lazy), but I do want to get some of that music after, as it’s good stuff for the most part! (all purchased legally, of course)


  2. Hey Adam!

    Thanks for listening (again). Glad you like it. I still feel like such a noob, madly sifting through tracks on my headphones while something’s playing, panicking when I expect sound, and hear none, that sort of thing. I hope I get used to it soon. Glad I sound like I’m pulling it off though. I guess that’s what really counts.

    Anyway, playlists: that’s pretty much exactly why I made this blog (as much as I am not a huge fan of blogs and blogging and bloggityblogblog. Bah!

    Now to post that playlist. Please support these artists by purchasing their music. 🙂


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