Show #7 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Only a few more sleeps until – that’s right… you know it’s coming – the weekend! I think there’s some annoying holiday coming up soon too.

I know I’m not the only one who hates Christmas. Take the Grinch, for example…. only, that jackass screwed up and was taken in by ridiculous festive singing. That’s the worst part! Alright, I don’t necessarily hate the whole thing. The biggest things I like about it are family and food (which are pretty much synonymous in my family). What I hate about Christmas is the commercialization and those same bloody awful songs every year.

Bah! Humbug!

I suppose I should stop there, or this will be nothing but a Christmas rant. On to the point…

It looks like we’re half and half for people wanting a theme versus wanting craziness, so here’s the plan: Tonight’s program will be either half themed (probably the first half), or very loosely themed. I’m just not sure what that theme is yet. I guess you’ll have to tune in at 8:00 to find out. :-]


So, tonight’s theme was pretty loose. I mentioned I’m not a huge fan of Christmas and all that comes with it, but I do like a few things about Christmas – specifically, spending more time with family and (surprise) food! Unfortunately, I don’t always get to see everyone I would like too throughout the year, and if I had any Christmas tradition at all, it would be family get-togethers. So tonight’s show was sort of a pick-me-up (hopefully for you too) – tunes that make me feel better. I might not get to see everyone in my life every year, but at least I get to see some of the most important ones.

I hope you enjoyed the show tonight, and its theme (thought it be looser than last week’s theme). Here’s what was played:

1. Bob Marley – Rasta Man Chant
2. Willie Nelson – Something to Think About
3. Jon and Roy – What I Need
4. Easy Star All-Stars – When I’m Sixty-Four
5. Skavenjah – Good Old Days
6. Anne Louise Genest – Paradise Road
7. Tom Waits – Emotional Weather Report
8. Jeffery Straker – Snowflake
9. Radiohead – High and Dry
10. Ben Harper – Waiting for You
11. The Deep Dark Woods – The Straight and Narrow
12. Ray Lamontagne – Shelter
13. Pat Metheny Group – Last Train Home

By the way, I forgot to mention (because I’m awesome like that), next week’s show will feature a special guest. Be sure to tune in!

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