Show #9 (I think) – TWO HOUR New Year’s Special, Playlist, etc.

This Week’s Theme: The Music & The Words

I know a lot of people. Most of them listen to music – some casually, some habitually. Of the people I know who do listen to music, I find there are generally two categories of listeners: people who listen to music because they like the music (melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.), and people who listen to music because they want to sing along. In fact, I know people who are so adamantly on either side of that coin, that they refuse to acknowledge the other.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course. Many people enjoy music for both of these things (among others), though I think most will still lean to one side.

Since I have two hours to play with, this week, I’m going to dedicate each hour to music with and without words/lyrics, respectively. However, I would like to present a challenge for listeners: when listening to the music without lyrics, try to imagine the melody as a vehicle for lyrical movement. Don’t make up words, but follow the melody intently and see where it takes you – like listening to a really good story, only you get to make up the storyline. Likewise, when listening to the music with lyrics, try to focus more on the music. You don’t have to ignore the lyrics, but really follow the groove and the subtleties of the instruments and harmonies.

Sounds kind of deep, I know, but it’s also a lot of fun! I’m sure you’ll enjoy this week’s show! Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy!


Hour one (just music, no lyrics)…
1. Tipsy – Sweet Cinnamon Punch
2. Chick Corea and Bela Fleck – Spectacle
3. Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau – Unrequited
4. Yuki Kajiura – Romance
5. Oliver Nelson – Stolen Moments
6. Gutbucket – C’mon It’s Just A Dollar
7. The New Collection – Untitled Intro
8. The New Collection – War Work Theme
9. John Griffiths – Romance For Tuba

Hour two (music & lyrics)…
1. Penny Lang – Prairie Sky
2. Corb Lund – This Is My Prairie
3. Sarah Harmer – Oleander
4. Jory Nash – Citizen Waltz
5. Jon and Roy – To The Beach
6. Tom Waits – Lucinda
7. Buck 65 – Wicked and Weird
8. Jeffery Straker – Hypnotized
9. Lazerblade – Space Won’t Deny Me
10. Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place
11. Marlena Shaw – At Last
12. John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman – My One and Only Love

Thanks for listening! I hope you can tune in again next week as I go back to my one-hour format.

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