Show #12 (I think) – *Cancelled*

Hello my thousands of adoring fans,

It’s always such a long week in between What Planet shows, isn’t it?

This is just a heads-up that there is a possibility I don’t make it to the station tonight. The weather doesn’t bug me (what’s a few hundred centimeters of snow), but I’ve been kind of not-so-well with the Flu From Hell or whatever it is.

However, I’m feeling better today. I’m going ahead as though I’ll make it tonight, and as though the show will go on. I’m going to get lots of rest today, maybe play some Wii when I can’t sleep anymore. I’ve already got some great tracks lined up for tonight, so please be sure to tune in.

Sorry, sorry sorry! Despite my best intentions to make it to the station, no matter how sick, common sense took over, and I just stayed home and went to bed early (after listening to Mouth Radio, of course). I had a great line-up of tunes picked out and some good stories, but some things are just not meant to be.

I deeply apologize, and I swear I will make it up to you all next week with my second TWO-HOUR SHOW! That’s right, Al from Mouth Radio is away for the evening, so set those alarm clock radios to go off at 7:00 PM next week – one hour earlier than normal. Not only will I make up for what I missed this time, but I will have lots of great tracks that I’ve been waiting a long time to play! I know it’s a week away, but I already have much of the show picked out! Mind you, there’s a whole week to change things around, so you never know what to expect.

Hope you can tune in next week and sorry again about this week!

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