How do you listen to music?

Do you always listen at work and never at home? Is it the other way around? Maybe you only listen in your car… How about those little mp3, etc. players?

Are you always keeping your eyes peeled for those new technologies or are you more old-school and can’t live without your vinyl collection? Maybe somewhere in the middle and could never give up CDs.

Another thing to consider is the thing making the sound: Do you have to listen on your earbuds? Maybe you have audiophile-quality headphones or an impressive home stereo. Or maybe a little clock radio is just the right thing for you.

I’m just wondering: how do people prefer their tunes?

11 thoughts on “How do you listen to music?

  1. I have dozens of LPs that I never listen to. I have hundreds of CDs that I never listen to. Everything is on at least one of my three Ipods. All digital. All very portable. I am considering only buying music online, digitally. Less waste, no fuss, instant music…but I would miss the liner notes.


    • That’s a big thing for me: liner notes/packaging.

      I’m all for less waste and less materials used, but I think I NEED to have that packaging. Sure, you can download liner notes and such now, but it’s just not the same, you know?

      That said, I currently have 19,533 mp3s (Winamp counts for me), and I was just looking at Creative’s new Zii handheld device. *sigh* I just love gadgets too much!


  2. Most of the time I’m listening on ipod at work or around town. Which sounds fine enough for a lot of electronic music. At home it has to be on my stereo, especially for most rock music. The problem is now so much music is highly compressed for cd/digital that when it is released on vinyl it defeats the purpose and you wind up with more distortion.
    If I’m buying a new release on vinyl it’s usually from a label that outwardly expresses their transfer process.


    • That’s true! I try to watch for that too – where recordings have been processed to sound louder rather than better. Unfortunately, so much of it (especially popular music) is done in this way, it’s hard to find the stuff that’s worth getting on new vinyl.

      Tom Waits is a good example of what I like to buy on vinyl because he typically stays away from newer digital “big” sound. Hah! In fact, a lot of his music is recorded on tape in a barn!


  3. I like CD’s still. I’m a big fan of my discman. I don’t mind the MP3 player you got me for my birthday last year, but I still prefer my discman.

    I also listen to cassettes in my car.


  4. I listen to most of my tunes in my car. All I really have are cd’s. I love cranking up the volume and singing at the top of my lungs. It is a great stress reliever for me. I don’t have any of the new age gadgets and not sure that I would want them. Sometimes the music I listen to comes from the sounds I hear outside while walking! I would like to have a stereo in my home but for now I use my dvd player or tune into one of the stations on MAX tv. Whenever possible I tune into What Planet Is This and get a huge variety of music I would not normally listen to.


    • Actually, maybe those external sounds are actually sounds coming from inside my head!!! Hmmm, I should perhaps get that looked at by a professional!



    • Oh yeah! I’m all for cranking CDs in the car! I can only imagine how goofy I look singing along to all my favorites (especially with my uncontrollable hand gestures)! Tapes too! My car plays both. You should see me rocking out to Run DMC on tape at full volume… Sometimes it just needs to be done!

      Thanks for listening, as usual. Hopefully there’s something on What Planet Is This?! that you can crank right up! 😀


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