Show #23 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Not long now, folks. Pretty soon, What Planet Is This?! will be back to its original one-hour format. I’ve enjoyed having two hours to play with, and I figure while I still have one or two left, I’d better make the best of my time by playing some of my all-time favorites and some of those jams that go into the realm of over 10 minutes! Ah yes!

Tonight’s possibilities include: Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Bad Plus, Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, Parliament, Tower of Power, Charlie Haden, Sarah Slean, Buck 65, Joni Mitchell and way way more!

Damn it! Running late (as always), on my way to the station, when my car stalls at the intersection of Vic Ave and Arcola! Great! Fantastic! Just what I bloody need! After plenty of choice words, and about half an hour of directing traffic around me, as apparently very few people can see my hazard lights when they’re busy staring at the sky or whatever it is idiots do when they drive; my paperweight on wheels decides it’ll start again. Great! So I made it to the station a little more than half an hour late. Smoothly done.

What was left of the first hour:
1. Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Cissy Strut
2. Joshua Redman Elastic Band – Shut Your Mouth
3. Parliament – P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)
4. Tower Of Power – So I Got To Groove

And the second hour:
5. Sarah Vaughan – Whatever Lola Wants
6. Sarah Slean – Pilgrim
7. Buck 65 – Roses and Bluejays
8. The Deep Dark Woods – Straight and Narrow
9. The Cracker Cats – Darkness
10. The Seatbelts
11. Jaco Pastorious – Blackbird
12. Joni Mitchell – The Circle Game
13. Charlie Haden – Single Girl, Married Girl
14. Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama – Satisfied Mind
15. Toto – Africa
16. Radiohead – Kid A

Tune in next week, when I will have either ponied up the last of my money to get the car fixed, or taken the city bus to be at the station on time! Yeesh!

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