What is your favorite instrument?

And why?

I’m wondering what people like to hear in their music. Even if you play an instrument and really like it, you may still prefer the sound of another instrument. Maybe you’ve taken guitar lessons for years, but love a good trombone sound. Maybe you don’t play any instruments and you just love the sound of a saxophone. Maybe its a good, crunchy rock guitar sound…

Post a comment below and I’ll try to read it on the show tomorrow night!

13 thoughts on “What is your favorite instrument?

  1. Just to get the ball rolling…

    I have a long love affair with the tenor saxophone. It has to be played just the right way for me to completely enjoy it, but to my ears, it’s just wonderful. I like everything about it from the lush baritone sounds of the low notes to the shrieks and trills of the high notes and overtones. I love a good gentle sound like Stan Getz or Ben Webster and I’m always in the mood for a sonic blast from John Coltrane or Joshua Redman.

    After playing tenor for all these years, myself, I still make it sound like little more than an in-tune chainsaw, but in the hands of the right players – wow!


  2. I’ve played piano since I was a kid for years — got to a really high level before stopping studying for academic reasons, but I’m still at the “gifted amateur” level. But I’ve loved vocal music since I could remember, and the piano’s not much good for that sort of thing.

    So I just recently started studying viola, my absolute favorite instrument after the human voice which is of course the most beautiful instrument on Earth hands-down. Violins can be screechy and too pungent; violas sit right on the human vocal range. They’re just perfect.


  3. There are so many that I enjoy for such different reasons. When I am feeling mellow and wanting to totally relax I truly enjoy classic piano or the soulful sounds of a saxophone or trumpet.

    When I am in the mood to party or dance or just feel great I look for music that contains a strong beat through percussion. I want to feel the sound in my soul and in my chest.

    I have never learned to like or appreciate the sounds of a violin or a cello. I can appreciate the talent and dedication needed to play and perfect it but I just don’t enjoy the sound. Having said that though, I do like the sound of a good bagpipe now and then so really there is no accounting for taste. It really is a personal choice and needs to suit the mood.


  4. Initially, I was going to respond with “guitar” but it may be steel guitar. I don’t have many albums featuring this instrument but I’ve realized I have yet to hear one I disliked. There is something other-worldly about it like the theremin.
    Alto sax is another one I love, very expressive and pained.


    • Steel guitar, eh? That’s a pretty cool favorite instrument to hear! I really wish I could play it like it’s heard on those good old country tunes.

      Have you ever heard the name Tex Emery?


  5. Hmm. Very nice responses from everyone. As I can only play the radio…badly, I do not have the same musical insights. Which is maybe why I like the simple sound of the harmonica. But put into an old Blues Man. Fantastic. Rarely do I get the chance to listen to Blues music that has a good harp player with the other members of the band playing acoustic.


    • Oooh! Another good one!

      I agree with you, too. A good blues harp can really rip it up!

      I wonder if I can find a tune that shows off each of these instruments before the show tonight… I’m not going to have a lot of time and I thought of it a little late.


  6. I am drawn to any low-sounding instrument: cello, bass (especially when bowed), oboe, bassoon, trombone. I can’t really stand solo violin or flute. I first noticed this attraction when I was about 11, and saw Rostropovich playing cello on the telly. Immediately smitten.


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