Who is your favorite player?

No, I’m not asking about the NHL playoffs.

Last week I asked what your favorite instrument to hear is. This week, I’m wondering who your favorite player of an instrument is. It may be the same instrument you picked as your favorite instrument. It may be some random instrument that you like, but so-and-so plays it beautifully. The bottom line is who the player is. Not necessarily the instrument, this time.

11 thoughts on “Who is your favorite player?

  1. This is a lot tougher question than favourite instrument. There are dozens of great artists that I have not had the chance to hear live but of the musicians I have heard the best had to be Liona Boyd. Oh my God. She could make the hardest, head banging, AC/DC devotee into a classical guitar fan.


    • Liona Boyd – good one! I still remember seeing her at the Knox Met downtown years ago with a Latin ensemble opening for her. What a night! I wasn’t too keen on going to see “classical guitar”, even though everyone and their dog assured me that Liona Boyd is amazing. As usual, I was converted. She played that thing better than I breathe air!


  2. I really enjoy listening to vocalists that take singing to another level- like Bjork…her voice is her instrument. On that note beatboxers are pretty cool too 😉


    • Sweet! That’s another good one. I frequently use Björk as an example of someone who uses her voice as an instrument, as well. Someone I would suggest as her male equivalent is Mike Patton. Very diverse in his vocal styling. Incidentally, he recorded with Björk along with beatboxer Rahzel, and can be heard on her album, “Medúlla”. 🙂


  3. I love it when someone can take an instrument and inspire it to create sounds not normally associated with that instrument – I’ve been on a big Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) binge lately and have always been awed by what he can do with a violin and some fancy loops on stage. But I’m only picking him because I don’t know anyone that can play the spoons.


    • I hear you on that one. I’m not sure that he’s my favorite violinist, per se, but I love it when an instrumentalist can step outside of the bounds that traditional styles create – inventing new styles, really!

      When I first saw him perform (as Final Fantasy), I was very impressed. By description alone, I wasn’t expecting much, to tell you the truth, but I was so happily surprised at how good he was!


  4. Gabriela Montero, piano. Hands-DOWN. She is mindblowing — a compeltely fluent improvisationalist.

    Go to YouTube and type “Gabriela Montero Koln” and watch what comes up.


    • Very cool! Thanks for the response. I just watched a couple of videos on the interweb and my mind was very close to being blown. I love hearing musicians who can improvise! That’s one of the best parts about music – spontaneous composition!

      I’m going to have to spend some more time looking her up and seeing if I can find recordings.


      • She’s got a couple — they all have improv in them. Her Chopin/Falla/Ginastera CD is great (a disc of improv and a disc of classical standards that are fantastic), but she’s got others. One is called “Bach and Beyond” that is her improvving on a bunch of Bach themes, just flying off live in the studio like she did at Koln. The other is called Baroque, where she used a bunch of Baroque themes by people like Handel and Vivaldi. She turns the main theme from the Hallelujah Chorus into this amazing sort of tango-rag, and it’s all done on the spur of the moment.


      • That sounds great! I might have to make a trip down to our own Bach & Beyond to see if Frank can order something in… or maybe it’s already in stock.



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