Regina’s Book & Brier Patch bookstore to close

REGINA — After 33 years in business, John Kress is closing the Book & Brier Patch while the ink on the books is still black.

The owner of Regina’s largest independent bookstore said he and Sonia, his wife and business partner, have been under pressure for years from chain bookstores, big box retailers, Amazon and online sales.


Show #33 (I think) Playlist, etc.

You just never know what to expect on this show. Well, I suppose I do have my favorites, but I’ve got some pretty neat surprises in store for tonight! No more to say for now. I hope you can tune in tonight at 8:00.


1. Pop Levi – SemiBabe
2. Frank Zappa – Dancin’ Fool
3. Gnarls Barkley – Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)
4. Caribou – Melody Day
5. Easy Star All-Stars – A Day In The Life
6. The Fugees – Ready or Not
7. Bob Marley – Stir It Up
8. Oscar Peterson – L’Impossible
9. Cannonball Adderly – Clouds
10. Broken Social Scene – hHallmark
11. Goldfrapp – Hairy Trees
12. TLC – Waterfalls

Thanks for tuning in. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Show #32 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Do you ever get that feeling like nothing’s quite real? There’s a word for that – depersonalization. Man, am I ever not with it right now. All I want to do is listen to music and stay lost out in space. Alas, I should probably work today. But tonight

Tonight, I present to you a challenge, sort of. What Planet Is This?! airs at 8:00 PM CST. Kind of late, but not really late, right? So here’s what I want you to try: At 7:58 PM tonight, put on your favorite pair of headphones (hopefully you’ve got a nice big pair that fit over your ears, rather than those buds that sit in your ear, but if not, that’s okay too), tune in to 91.3 FM in Regina or the webcast online at, or on Sasktel Max, or Access – however you listen, sit down in your favorite chair or wherever you’re most comfortable, close your eyes and let the music take you away. Just focus on nothing else but the music. I will try to be as uninterruptive as possible, so you can enjoy your journey without some yammering disc jockey in your ears.

I won’t tell you what artists to expect on tonight’s show, but I will let you know that you can expect some regulars, some that have never been played on the show before, some energetic, some relaxed – all good.

Folks, it’s okay to ignore reality for an hour. Really. Just enjoy it! The world will still be there when you get back. 🙂


Here are the tunes…

1. The Flaming Lips – My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
2. Groove Armada – At The River
3. Thom Yorke – Atoms For Peace (Four Tet Remix)
4. Portishead – Sour Times
5. Great Uncles Of The Revolution – When We Were Little
6. Astor Piazzolla – Vuelvo al Sur (Koop Remix)
7. Jon and Roy – By The Sea
8. Beirut – El Zócalo
9. Jason Collett – Northern Light Letdown
10. Mark Knopfler & His Band with Emmylou Harris – Lost On The River
11. Wynton Marsalis & Ellis Marsalis – Linus and Lucy
12. The Deep Dark Woods – Dead and Buried

Thanks, as always, for listening, and I apologize again for cutting off that Mark and Emmylou tune. Then I had to cut off Linus and Lucy to get in most of the DDW… ugh! Oh well, I may just have to give that tune another go next week to make up for it. I hope you enjoyed the show. I think it went pretty well before the mix-up, and despite being sick, I still enjoyed myself.

Until next time…

Show #31 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow!

It’s just after 9:00 AM, and I was at a Hank III concert last night. As it turns out, whiskey and hillbilly music goes together a little too well.


Anyway, tonight’s show is going to feature a lot of cool finds from the Community Radio Garage Sale. I picked up about 20 records and 10 CDs, including some Benny Goodman, Dave Brubeck, Frank Sinatra, Earl Grant, Dinah Washington, Spyro Gyra, Muddy Waters, Taj Mahal Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Kelly Jefferson, Holly McNarland, Incubus… and I forget the rest. Some pretty cool stuff though. Expect an assortment of good tunes from the sale, perhaps some tunes from previous sales and you’re bound to hear at least one Hank Williams III tune when I talk about how fun that show was.


1. Aretha Franklin – A Rose Is Still A Rose
2. The Doobie Brothers – Jesus Is Just Alright
3. Muddy Waters – I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man
4. The Tea Party – Sun Going Down
5. Brent Nielsen – Long Distance
6. Blood, Sweat & Tears – Go Down Gamblin’
7. Hank Williams III – My Drinkin Problem
8. Kelly Jefferson – Smirk
9. Spyro Gyra – Cockatoo
10. Ray Charles with Norah Jones – Here We Go Again
11. Sarah Slean – Sweet Ones

Not bad, if I say so myself (and I do)! That was a fun bunch of tunes. They fit together well, I think, and almost all of them came from the Community Radio Garage Sale. I had to sneak some Hank III in there because of the deadly concert he put on last night, but I admittedly bought that album in a store.

Hope you enjoyed it all as much as I did, and I hope you can tune in again next week!

Show #30 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Holy smokes! Well, would you look at that! Show #30 (I think) already. Now, I know it’s not like some of the old-timers on Regina Community Radio who have been around for 5+ years (it’s a relatively new station, you know), but it’s still a small achievement, I think. I mean, they haven’t kicked me off the air for playing too much Zappa yet. Hmm…. Maybe I should be playing more Zappa.

Anyway, it is that wonderful, magical time of the week again, when I get to forcibly control the frequency modulation of the radio waves that resonate around 91.3 Megahertz (Is that the word I’m looking for? I don’t know. I can’t remember how that works. It’s all radio magic, if you ask me.)

Tonight’s lineup is, as yet, undetermined. If you’ve ever listened to the show before, first of all – thank you; secondly, you know that I’m pretty much doing it all on the fly anyway. I bring a bunch of CDs and records and sort of just “wing it.” I do have a bunch of tunes lined up already as fall-back options, but I’m going to see if, throughout the day, I can compile a playlist of good road trip tunes – since I just got back from a road trip!

Update 1: Alright! I’ve got it! Tonight’s theme is Road Trip Music! Expect some up-beat-keep-you-going tunes, some slow-down-take-it-easy tunes, a few guilty pleasures and more!

Update 2: The Tunes

1. The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love
2. Prince – Seven
3. Skavenjah – Another Time
4. Bob Dylan – Just Like a Woman
5. Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
6. Sarah Harmer – Around This Corner
7. Corb Lund – Long Gone To Saskatchewan
8. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Long As I Can See The Light
9. Hank Williams III – Thrown Out of The Bat
10. Buck 65 – Rough House Blues
11. Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz
12. Koko Taylor – I’m A Woman
13. Leonard Cohen – Be For Real

Glad you could tune in. Hopefully see you at the Garage Sale!

Regina Community Radio Garage Sale Is THIS SATURDAY!

Community Radio Garage Sale 2010

Every year, Regina Community Radio’s annual garage sale brings out millions (yes, millions) of people! From 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, this sale will include billions (yes, BILLIONS) of unique, hard-to-find vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, music books and magazines, sheet music, music instruments and equipment, and anything else music-related!

The sale takes place at CJTR Headquarters: On the third floor, at #301 – 1102 – 8th Avenue. Get there early, show your support for Regina Community Radio and take home tons of great finds! I hope to see you there!