Show #35 (I think) Playlist, etc.

No witty foreword. Sorry. Tune in tonight for a strong dose of funk, jazz, pop, weirdness and more!


Here it is, folks. Thanks, as always, for listening. Let me know if you have any questions about the tunes or the artists.

1. The Mothers of Invention – Toad of the Short Forest
2. Queen – I Want To Break Free
3. Orgōne – The Cleaner
4. Dr John – (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away
5. Gnarls Barkley – Open Book
6. Buck 65 – The Suffering Machine
7. Apostle of Hustle – Gleaning
8. Kaada & Patton – Crépuscle
9. Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins – Bad Influence
10. David Braid Sextet – The Music Room
11. Easy Star All-Stars – An Airbag Saved My Dub

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