Show #37 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Hey folks,

Things are a little hectic here at What Planet Is This?! headquarters this week. Please be assured that your journey will begin at 8:00 PM this evening, as usual. We’ll be throwing it into high gear and ripping down some jazz, funk, electro, odd, folksy, poppish, reggae… As always, you can expect some really good music.

Update, finally:

1. Fred Wesley & The J.B.’s – Damn Right I’m Somebody
2. Spyro Gyra – The Crossing
3. Paul Simon – Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
4. Ben Harper – Black Rain
5. A Gentle Forest – The Moon’s Appeal
6. Tom Waits – $29
7. Cassandra Wilson – Vietnam Blues
8. Buck 65 – Riverbed 5
9. Jeffery Straker – Slippery Slope
10. Andrew Bird – Nomenclature
11. The Dissociatives – Thinking In Reverse
12. Windom Earle – Movie Music Theme Sound Track (75 Remix)

Sorry for the delay. As I suggested earlier, things have been more than a little bit hectic this past week, but I knew I had to find time somewhere to update this playlist – after all; there were some pretty cool tunes played this week.

Tune in next week for more great music and thanks for listening!

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