Show #40 (I think) Playlist, etc.

#40 (I think) already, eh? Wow! It’s funny, but it feels like I’ve been doing this for a really long time – way longer than 40 weeks. How many weeks are in a year? Aw hell, I’m not leaving this page just to find out. Anyway, it feels like I’ve been doing this for ever now. Not that it’s any less fun – more so, actually. I just feel so “at home” at CJTR. That’s kind of nice. Every Tuesday night, I get to kick my feet up (figuratively, of course) and play some great music. It’s kind of like I’m at home, only I get to imagine you fine folks out there, enjoying the same music at the same time that I get to. Maybe it’s a one-with-the-universe kind of thing for me…

*ahem* Anyway, tonight you can expect some pretty cool stuff including (if there’s time for all of it) some very chilled-out sounds from Iron & Wine, some classic Bob Marley, some creepy funk from Parliament, some tricky rhythms from Caribbean Jazz Project, some neat electro stuff from The Quail, a duo by Feist & Ben Gibbard and plenty more.


1. Chick Corea – Blue Monk
2. Joe Williams & Ella Fitzgerald – Party Blues
3. Oscar Peterson – I Can’t Give You Anything
4. Betty Carter – Naima’s Love Song
5. John Coltrane – Naima
6. Apostle of Hustle – Song For Lorca
7. Bob Marley – Small Axe
8. Sufjan Stevens – You Are The Blood
9. The Quail – After Rainfall

Thanks, as always, for listening and super-extra-special-awesome-thanks to Dale, listening from all the way over in South Korea!

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