How many .mp3s/.m4as/.flac/ etc. files do you have?

We all know that digital music is huge right now. We all know that people have their preferences (CD, digital, LP, etc). Personally, I rip (upload) almost every CD I get or even borrow (I know, I know). This has lead to me getting an external hard drive solely for storing mp3s.

When at home, I usually prefer to listed to records or CDs, but if I know I’m going to be sitting at the computer for a while, I just start up good ol’ Winamp, switch on Random and hit play.

Same while I’m at work (since I work at a computer) – headphones on, push play, get to work.

I really like having a digital copy of all my tunes and as I continue to rip my collection while I built it in physical form, I like to see Winamp count the files for me.

21542 mp3s

Winamp currently counts 21542 music files on my computer. Just wondering: how many (if any) do you have?

5 thoughts on “How many .mp3s/.m4as/.flac/ etc. files do you have?

  1. Holy hanna banana, that is a lot of music you have!!!! As you are aware, I have a small collection of cd’s that I listen to often…sometimes to the point of annoyance for others!!!!
    I listen to cd’s in the car but when I am at home I tend to put my tv on one of the channels that has music and listen to whatever genre/variety is striking my mood at the time. That way I don’t have to actually sift through a pile of discs to see what I want to hear…I just pick a channel and away I go.


    • I do like the idea of those music channels on TV. There’s one in particular that I like called Jazz Masters. I would almost get cable just for that. Almost.

      Still not the same as putting 21,500+ tunes on random and switching to just an album at a time if I choose, though.


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