Show #49 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Sweet Chaos! I’m throwing everything up to fate, tonight. I usually spend the week between shows adding tunes to a long possible-playlist, but this week: I’m just going to wing it. Let’s see what I pull out of the vaults… Maybe some jazz, maybe some folk, some electronic stuff, some funk, some Cuban guitar stuff… Maybe all or none of that. We’ll see.


1. War – The Cisco Kid
2. Mr. Something Something – City Of Sand
3. Caribou – Leave House
4. cloudy, with occasional rain – air
5. Spyro Gyra – Cockatoo
6. Nicholas Payton – Tight Like This
7. Rob McConnell & the Boss Brass – Schlep It Up To Joe
8. Ibraham Ferrer – Silencio
9. Count Basie – Trey of Hearts
10. Fanfarlo – Good Morning Midnight
11. Joe Pass – Li’l Darlin’

Thank you so much for listening.

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