Show #60 (I think) Playlist, etc.

A little more jazz, you say? Well, if you twist my arm, I suppose I must.

On the menu for tonight is some Jimmy Smith, some John Coltrane, some Dave Brubeck, some David Braid, Molly Johnson, Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band and plenty more.


  • 1
  • Title: Darktown Strutter’s Ball
    Album: It’s Tight Like That
    Performer: Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards
    Composer: Shelton Brooks
    Label: Stony Plain

  • 2
  • Title: Trouble In Mind
    Album: Hobo Flats
    Performer: Jimmy Smith
    Composer: Larry Jones
    Label: Verve

  • 3
  • Title: Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am
    Album: Mainly Mingus
    Performer: Dave Young Quintet
    Composer: Charles Mingus
    Label: Justin Time

  • 4
  • Title: What Sammy Said
    Album: XXL
    Performer: Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band
    Composer: Gordon Goodwin
    Label: Silverline

  • 5
  • Title: Lush Life
    Album: The Gentle Side Of
    Performer: John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
    Composer: Billy Strayhorn
    Label: Impulse

  • 6
  • Title: Alone Together
    Performer: Trent Reschny
    Composer: Arthur Schwartz

  • 7
  • Title: Pennies From Heaven
    Performer: Stan Getz And The Oscar Peterson Trio
    Composer: Arthur Johnston, Johnny Burke
    Label: Verve

  • 8
  • Title: Sticks And Stones
    Album: Messin’ Around
    Performer: Molly Johnson
    Composer: Molly Johnson, Craig Ross
    Label: Universal

  • 9
  • Title: Blame It On My Youth
    Album: Come Dream With Me
    Performer: Jane Monheit
    Composer: Edward Heyman, Oscar Levant
    Label: N-Coded Music

  • 10
  • Title: Secret Love/Emily
    Album: Mosaic
    Performer: Lenny Breau
    Composer: Lenny Breau
    Label: Ranbach

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