Show #64 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Vanilla Ice, in concert, 2004

Let’s talk about live music for a moment, shall we?

Over the course of my life, I’ve had some amazing opportunities to see some incredible performances. Some of them are the biggest of big names, while others are just local bands of friends who put together something tight. One way or another, I’ve seen a lot of live concerts and as we freeze our various unmentionables off, what better way to fantasize about warmer days – outdoor summer festivals, buskers, sunshine, food, drinks and fun – than with good music.

I’ll never be able to fit it all into one hour, but I’ve got a list of about 30 names from which to choose, covering piano pop, cool jazz, funk, folk singer/songwriter, rock… oh man! I can’t wait!


  • 1
  • Title: It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
    Performer: Dr. John
    Album: Duke Elegant
    Composer: Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Irving Mills (lyrics)
    Label: Blue Note

  • 2
  • Title: The Gospel Song
    Performer: Supertonic
    Album: Souls Of The Wonderful
    Composer: Dino Dinicolo, Chris Percy, Terry Paton

  • 3
  • Title: Thrown Out Of The Bar
    Performer: Hank Williams III
    Album: Straight To Hell
    Composer: Hank Williams III
    Label: Bruc

  • 4
  • Title: Why Why Why
    Performer: Mr. Something Something
    Album: Shine Your Face
    Composer: Larry Graves, Johan Hultqvist, John MacLean
    Label: World

  • 5
  • Title: Girl From The North Country
    Performer: Bob Dylan
    Album: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
    Composer: Bob Dylan
    Label: Columbia

  • 6
  • Title: St. Francis
    Performer: Sarah Slean
    Album: Night Bugs
    Composer: Sarah Slean
    Label: WEA/Atlantic

  • 7
  • Title: In The Still Of The Night
    Performer: Jane Monheit
    Album: Taking A Chance On Love
    Composer: Cole Porter
    Label: Sony Classical

  • 8
  • Title: Double Jeopardy
    Performer: Joshua Redman Elastic Band
    Album: Momentum
    Composer: Joshua Redman
    Label: Nonesuch

  • 9
  • Title: I Saw The Way You Looked At Me
    Performer: Windom Earle
    Album: Gold Wave
    Composer: Greg Boone, Stephan MacLeod
    Label: Boost Ventilator

  • 10
  • Title: Take Five
    Performer: The Dave Brubeck Quartet
    Album: Time Out
    Composer: Paul Desmond
    Label: Columbia

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