Show #66 (I think) Playlist, etc. + LONG-PLAY TUESDAY!

Massive record collection.

What to play, what to play...

Long-Play Tuesday already? Great Scott!

I guess I’d better get into gear, then, and get this show spinning. There are a few old favourites that I’ve been craving lately – some of the good ol’ jazz variety, some old-school funk and other goodies among neat new (and rather unexpected) finds. I won’t give away anything specific just yet, but know this: it will be damned groovy and just weird enough to make you wonder what’s going on.


  • 1
  • Title: A Message To You Rudy
    Performer: The Specials
    Album: The Specials
    Composer: Dandy Livingstone
    Label: Chrysalis

  • 2
  • Title: No Big Thing
    Performer: Wailing Souls
    Album: Lay It On The Line
    Composer: Winston Matthews, Lloyd McDonald
    Label: Live & Learn

  • 3
  • Title: Crush It
    Performer: Parliament
    Album: Trombipulation
    Composer: Parliament
    Label: Casablanca

  • 4
  • Title: Careless
    Performer: Sarah Harmer
    Album: Oh Little Fire
    Composer: Sarah Harmer
    Label: Zöe

  • 5
  • Title: Who Are You
    Performer: Scarlett Johansson
    Album: Anywhere I Lay My Head
    Composer: Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan
    Label: ATCO

  • 6
  • Title: Country Road X
    Performer: Dosh
    Album: Tommy
    Composer: Martin Luther King Chavez Dosh
    Label: anticon.

  • 7
  • Title: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
    Performer: Oscar Peterson
    Album: The Personal Touch
    Composer: Ernest Seitz
    Label: Pablo

  • 8
  • Title: Goodbye, Porkpie Hat
    Performer: Charles Mingus
    Album: An Anthology Of His Atlantic Recordings
    Composer: Charles Mingus
    Label: Atlantic

  • 9
  • Title: My Ghost Your Ghost
    Performer: Pearson
    Album: Saved By Saskatoon
    Composer: Pearson
    Label: Saved By Vinyl

  • 10
  • Title: That’s All I Need
    Performer: Andre Williams
    Album: That’s All I Need
    Composer: Andre Williams
    Label: Bloodshot

  • 11
  • Title: Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
    Performer: Bettye LaVette
    Album: The Scene Of The Crime
    Composer: Willie Nelson
    Label: Anti-

  • 12
  • Title: Mira, Mira
    Performer: The University Of Calgary Jazz Ensemble
    Album: Late As Usual
    Composer: Matt Harris
    Label: World

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