Show #67 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Parliament - Mothership Connection Cover

Parliament - Mothership Connection

Good evening, life forms. This is your captain speaking. Tonight’s trip will involve a usual dose of grooviness, marked by high highs, brief lows and colours that can only be seen with your open mind, not by your easily-deceived eyes. Put those headphones on, relax, and enjoy your journey, courtesy of Regina Community Radio’s What Planet Is This?!

Tune in at 8:00 tonight. You can pick up your Earthly vessel at the front door, after the program has come to a complete stop.


  • 1
  • Title: Use The Force
    Performer: Jamiroquai
    Album: Travelling Without Moving
    Composer: Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Derrick McKenzie, Sola Akingbola
    Label: Sony Soho Square

  • 2
  • Title: Reckonerz
    Performer: AmpLive ft. Chali2na
    Album: Rainydayz Remixes
    Composer: Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, Colin Greenwood, Phil Selway (arr. Amplive)

  • 3
  • Title: Free
    Performer: Seal
    Album: Soul
    Composer: Henry Redd, Susaye Green, Nathan Watts, Deniece Williams
    Label: Warner Bros.

  • 4
  • Title: Rainy Night House
    Performer: Joni Mitchell
    Album: Ladies Of The Canyon
    Composer: Joni Mitchell
    Label: Reprise

  • 5
  • Title: Symmetry
    Performer: Kyrie Kristmanson
    Album: The Kyrie K Groove
    Composer: Kyrie Kristmanson

  • 6
  • Title: Out Of Love
    Performer: David Myles
    Album: Turn Time Off
    Composer: Joel Plaskett & David Myles

  • 7
  • Title: Mortal Bliss
    Performer: The Rusty Augers
    Album: Casks Of Gold
    Composer: The Rusty Augers

  • 8
  • Title: Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication
    Performer: Parliament
    Album: Mothership Connection
    Composer: Parliament
    Label: Casablanca

  • 9
  • Title: The Part You Throw Away
    Performer: Tom Waits
    Album: Blood Money
    Composer: Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan
    Label: Anti-

  • 10
  • Title: Cease Fire Pt. 2
    Performer: The Quail
    Album: Untitled
    Composer: Nathan Williams, Coleman Younger

  • 11
  • Title: Singin’ The Blues
    Performer: Allen Toussaint
    Album: The Bright Mississippi
    Composer: Con Conrad, J. Russel Robinson
    Label: Nonesuch

  • 12
  • Title: Hit The Road, Jack
    Performer: Ray Charles
    Album: The Very Best Of Ray Charles
    Composer: Ray Charles
    Label: WEA

  • 13
  • Title: Real Heroes
    Performer: Bill Evans
    Album: Big Fun
    Composer: Bill Evans
    Label: ESC

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