Show #76 (I think) Playlist, etc.

May already, eh? Wait a minute… it’s the 4th of May!

May the Fourth be with you.

Now that I got that out of my system (well, I’ll probably have to continue to say it repeatedly throughout the day, but whatever), I’d like to take a moment to tell you that tonight is going to involve some seriously good music. There’s a lot of jazz in the bag, but just to keep things interesting, I’ve got some pop, hip hop, folky stuff… you know the drill.

Just to drop a few names: Jazz Jamaica, Wynton Marsalis & Ellis Marsalis, Shirley Eikhard, TV On The Radio and Leonard Cohen are all very likely candidates for tonight.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 and let me guide you on your journey home or wherever life leads you.


  • 1
  • Title: Bruca Maniguá
    Performer: Ibrahim Ferrer
    Album: Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrer

  • 2
  • Title: Stolen Moments
    Performer: Oliver Nelson
    Album: The House That Trane Built

  • 3
  • Title: Invitation
    Performer: Coral Egan
    Album: Magnify

  • 4
  • Title: Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix)
    Performer: Sarah Vaughan
    Album: Verve Remixed 2

  • 5
  • Title: Be Here To Love Me
    Performer: Norah Jones
    Album: Feels Like Home

  • 6
  • Title: Master Song
    Performer: Leonard Cohen
    Album: Songs Of Leonard Cohen

  • 7
  • Title: Never Let Go
    Performer: Tom Waits
    Album: Orphans (Bawlers)

  • 8
  • Title: Brazil
    Performer: Chick Corea & Béla Fleck
    Album: Enchantment

  • 9
  • Title: Wicked And Weird
    Performer: Buck 65
    Album: Talkin’ Honky Blues

  • 10
  • Title: Tonight
    Performer: TV On The Radio
    Album: Return To Cookie Mountain

  • 11
  • Title: Your Wish Is My Wish
    Performer: Sarah Slean
    Album: Day One

  • 12
  • Title: The Company Store
    Performer: Amelia Curran
    Album: Hunter, Hunter

  • 13
  • Title: Oleo
    Performer: Oliver Jones
    Album: Just In Time

  • 14
  • Title: Thanks For The Beautiful Land On The Delta
    Performer: Stefon Harris
    Album: African Tarantella

  • 15
  • Title: Snoopy & Woodstock
    Performer: Wynton Marsalis Septet
    Album: Joe Cool’s Blues

  • 16
  • Title: Night And Day
    Performer: Oscar Peterson
    Album: Oscar Peterson Plays The Cole Porter Songbook

  • 17
  • Title: Nobody Cares
    Performer: Ray Charles
    Album: The Birth of Soul, Vol. 1 (1952 – 1954)

  • 18
  • Title: Just My Imagination
    Performer: Jazz Jamaica
    Album: Motorcity Roots

  • 19
  • Title: Screecher
    Performer: Jakalope
    Album: It Dreams

  • 20
  • Title: Riverwide
    Performer: Joshua Redman Elastic Band
    Album: Momentum

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