Show #84 (I think) Playlist, etc. + LONG-PLAY WEDNESDAY!

Vinyl Record Roof

Vinyl Record Roof

After seeing an amazing Béla Fleck and the Flecktones concert in Saskatoon last night, I wish I was doing a special on them. Alas, I have none of their albums at all, let alone any on record. That’s a shame, really. I’ll do my best to fix that for the future.

I’m still in amazing-live-performance mode, but I’ll try to get into the right headspace for tonight.

Indeed, it is Long-Play Wednesday, so I packed up a huge pile of vinyl records including around 15 selections from the recently past Community Radio Garage Sale, a couple of fall-backs (my favourites) and a bunch of new stuff.

There’s never enough time to play everything I want, but tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for tonight’s possibilities including: Freddie Hubbard, Stevie Wonder, Spyro Gyra, Oscar Peterson, Nat King Cole, Pat Metheny, Ornette Coleman and a disturbing amount more.


Here is some writing before the playlist from the first hour of the show.
1. Stevie Wonder – I Wish
2. Freddie Hubbard – Brigitte
3. Caribou – Sun
4. Bill Laswell – Devil Syndrome
5. Buck 65 – She Said Yes
6. Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman – Song X
7. Antonio Carlos Jobim – Look To The Sky
8. Elmer Gill – Until It’s Time For You To Go
9. Nat King Cole – The Very Thought Of You
10. Jason Collett – High Summer

Here is some writing before the playlist from the second hour of the show.
11. Wayne Shorter – Footprints
12. Taj Mahal – Happy To Be Just Like I Am
13. Maynard Ferguson – Primal Scream
14. Ry Cooder – Why Don’t You Try Me
15. John Jackson – I Bring My Money
16. Carbon Dating Service – Dead Dogs
17. Scarlett Johansson – I Wish I Was In New Orleans
18. Sarah Harmer – One Match
19. Jeremy Ellis – Chameleon

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