Show #94 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Jane Monheit

Jane Monheit

As usual, I do everything at the last second. It was around 11:30 last night when I realized I have to put together a radio show. 😦

I put a lot of work into this, you know. Sure, I could just grab some random CDs and throw them into the bag (and, admittedly, I do, from time to time, when I totally forget until the last second), but I like to make sure everything has a good vibe to it. Not just each individual tune, but how they go together. It’s like pairing a nice wine with a masterpiece meal. These things need to be distinct, yet complimentary.

That said, tonight’s main course includes some instrumental jazz masters like Stanley Turrentine and Michael Brecker, some soulful singers like Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughan, some great folk tunes from The Deep Dark Woods and Jimmy LaFave, some great newer electronic music from Baskyl and The Weeknd, and, as always, plenty more.

Be sure to tune in tonight from 4:00 – 6:00 and come on back to this page for a full playlist after the show.

1. Oscar Peterson – This Nearly Was Mine
2. The Weeknd – High For This
3. Ancient Astronauts with Ulf Stricker – Dark Green Rod
4. Metheny Mehldau Quartet – The Sound Of Water
5. Hauschka – Two AM
6. Nina Simone – Sinnerman
7. Andy Shauf – Swimming In A Cage
8. Michael Brecker Quindectet – Angle Of Repose
9. BitBasic – Things Being Fried

10. Stanley Turrentine – Can’t Buy Me Love
11. Apostle Of Hustle – Kings and Queens
12. Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling On A Line
13. Jane Monheit – Over The Rainbow
14. Etran Finatawa – Imuzaran
15. Jimmy Smith – The Preacher
16. Paul Bley & Sonny Greenwich – These Foolish Things
17. Jimmy LaFave – Catch The Wind
18. Shugo Tokumaru – Parachute

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