Show #97 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Tom Waits

Tom Waits

Would you believe me if I said I typically spend at least one hour preparing each show? It usually takes me around an hour and a half, in fact.

“Why does it take so long?” You might ask.

Well, a lot of the time I have to listen to a good portion of a song before I know if I’ll play it or not, for sure. Sometimes I just want to make sure it has the right vibe for the type of show I’m going for. Sometimes it’s a new album that I haven’t listened to much and I need to figure out which would be the best tune to play. Sometimes I’m just bored with what I’ve got lined up and I have to start from scratch.

I suppose it’s what people would call a “labour of love”.

Sometimes it’s a huge pain in the ass to go through all of the tunes, time things out, allot Canadian content, double-check and make sure there isn’t anything too lame sneaking its way in there, throw in some back-up tunes, in case I want to change anything up. But I always do it – because, at the end of the day, there is really nothing better than good music. It always pays off.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.


The hour that one:
1. Bobby Broom – Ponta Grossa
2. Aurelio – Lubara Wanwa
3. Easy Star All-Stars – With A Little Help From My Friends
4. Jazz Robotz – Peggy’s Blue Skylight
5. No Name Jazz Sextet – Sans Titre
6. Eli Costello – Standing Naked
7. Jimmy Smith – I Can’t Stop Loving You
8. Sarah Vaughan – Invitation
9. John Coltrane – Impressions
10. Colin Stetson – Home
11. David Myles – Turn Time Off

The hour that did not one:
12. The Faint – Mirror Error
13. Chromeo – Fancy Footwork
14. Olenka And The Autumn Lovers – Odessa
15. Tom Waits – A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun
16. Lee Morgan – You’re Mine You
17. Jordon Blake – Alpha To Gamma
18. Joshua Redman – Wish
19. Andy Shauf – Open
20. Ryan Driver – Dead End Street
21. Ella Fitzgerald – Night And Day
22. Frank Zappa – Dancin’ Fool

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