Show #111 (I think) Playlist, etc. + Long-Play Wednesday

John Coltrane's "Blue Train"

It’s a cool Sunday morning, September 15, 1957. You’ve saved every nickel you could earn shining shoes, washing cars and running errands since May 31 of the same year – when you heard his last album, simply titled by his omnipotent last name: Coltrane.

It’s 10:28 AM and you’ve been waiting outside the local record store since 8:00, with a growing group of friends and other music-lovers for the store to open its doors at 10:30. Unlike your friends, you got there early, to be first in line. Today is a big day for you. Today will be the day you buy your first record…

John Coltrane’s Blue Train.

The kindly store owner has seen you come into his shop a hundred times before asking when the next Trane album will arive and he smiles as he comes to unlock the front door.

You pay with a crisp twenty dollar bill that you had help from your father exchanging at the bank for all those dimes and pennies and your face lights up to the biggest smile your friends have ever seen.

It’s all yours.

The owner asks if you’d like him to put it on the shop’s record player. Still smiling, you just nod as he handles it masterfully to the turntable. Some twenty or thirty people must have been there than morning and not a foot stepped back out of the front door until they’d heard all 42 minutes no less than twice, all of them delighted at the sound and excitedly talking about the master’s latest work.

Some time after noon, you take it home to the family where your father calls it racket and your mother doesn’t get it. But you don’t mind. That was the most amazing sound you had ever heard.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for an all-vinyl evening.


1. Panadda Chayapark – 5000 Nut
2. Miles Davis – Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
3. Cœur de pirate – Adieu
4. Scarlett Johansson – Town With No Cheer
5. The Secret Sisters – Tennessee Me
6. Slow Down, Molasses – Fade Out
7. Beck – Broken Drum
8. How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning
9. Caribou – Jamelia

10. John Coltrane – Blue Train
11. Herbie Hancock – Lil’ Brother
12. The University Of Calgary Jazz Ensemble – Blues Machine
13. Oscar Peterson – Sweethearts On Parade
14. Andre Williams – Tricks
15. Beirut – Vagabond
16. Dan Mangan – Leaves, Trees, Forest
17. Dan Mangan – Pine For Cedars
18. Bettye LaVette – Choices
19. Lester Young & Coleman Hawkins – The Man I Love
20. Orgōne – Overtime

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