Show #121 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Leningrad Cowboys

You know what? It’s spring. I think it’s been officially spring for a few weeks now, but it’s starting to really feel like it. Barbecues are working on high flame, people are walking around in shorts and t-shirts (still too early for that, if you ask me), kids are running around outside my apartment, being noisy…

People are feeling good and I’m no exception. As we all know, my number-one feel-good thing to do is listen to/play music. Nothing soothes or heals as well as music, and with people in already high spirits, life soars about as high as it will go when a little bit of good music is added to the good life.

So, that’s what tonight’s show is about. No, I’m not going to play 2 hours of feel-good drivel music. Only great music that’s bound to make you feel even better.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 PM and take it slow. As always, check this page during the show for a playlist.


1. Fred Wesley & The JBs – Damn Right, I’m Somebody
2. Medeski, Martin & Wood – God Fire
3. The Sojourners – By And By
4. Dizzy Gillespie – Manteca
5. Ray Charles with James Taylor – Sweet Potato Pie
6. John Southworth – Railroad Boy
7. Joni Mitchell – Taming The Tiger
8. Mr. Bungle – Retrovertigo
9. Goldfrapp – Hairy Trees

10. Sarah Slean – St. Francis
11. Chick Corea – Flight From Karoof, Pt 1
12. Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band – Under The Wire
13. Trent Reschny – Alone Together
14. Joshua Redman Quartet – Free Speech, Phase I – Declaration
15. Joshua Redman Quartet – Free Speech, Phase II – Discussion
16. Oscar Peterson & Michel Legrand – Anthem To A New Land
17. Marvin Gaye – Is That Enough
18. New Country Rehab – The Log Train
19. Leningrad Cowboys – All We Need Is Love

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