Chris Carlier & The Scarletts, Live at The Club (Exchange) – Saturday, April 28th

Chris Carlier

This show is in the small side of The Exchange – otherwise known as “The Club”.

Mellow, melty creative pop/folk music that goes well with wine.

Doors open at 8 PM, show starts at 8:30 PM.
$13 – Tickets at the door

Mandy McArthur on euphonium
Zach Appleton on piano
Rob D on electric bass, awesome beard
Jen Yim on vibraphone & djembe
Chris Carlier on bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, guitar and vocals

Chris Carlier takes the little that he knows about his favourite artists and, inspired by them, splashes blotches of ink onto paper using magic and a pencil. He then hires as many great musicians as he can to back him up in a weird little thrown-together chamber-sort-of setting and shouts at them, forcing them to run around the room screaming like insane persons until music comes out!

For anyone who likes Beirut, Caribou, Owen Pallett, Kaada, Beck, Björk, Rheostatics, The Flaming Lips or Gustav Holst. 🙂

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