Show #140 (I think) Playlist, etc. + Long-Play Wednesday

Freddie Hubbard – Straight Life

Finally! It’s been a while since the last Long-Play Wednesday. Of all the shows to skip, I least like skipping LP day.

I have some new and old favourites in the bag for your listening pleasure today. We’re going to kick it like they did in 1975, y’all – except with WAY less disco… #shudderofdeath …and with more music from the 2000s.

You’re going to love it. I know you are. Especially that one part! Man! That one part. Let me tell you.

Actually, no. You can hear for yourself this aft/eve from 4:00 to 6:00. I’m going to pick it up and drop it in that groove, y’all! Yeah.
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Show #139 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Raphael Saadiq

Lots of new and old favourites for you tonight.

It’s been a damned busy summer and as a result, I’ve been putting off everything until the last second unless it’s life-threatening (need coffee/tea/rum). This includes the show. I swear I really do usually put more thought into it. These past few weeks though, I have thrown everything together the morning of or night before.

Ah well. On the air, it will all sound seamless. I’m just that good!

Today, from 4:00 to 6:00, take your clothes off, hold onto your FM receiver, tune in and run down the streets screaming along to the music! Be sure to send photos of this occasion to me and to all your friends and family.
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Show #138 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Robert Glasper

I think I got Folk Fest out of my system – mostly. It was a crazy good time and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

For this week’s show, I was going to continue in full Folk Fest force, but I decided at the last second (last night) that I’d go in a diferent direction. It’s still kind of influenced by the festival though. Part of what I love about music festivals (particularly Regina Folk Fest) is discovering so many artists I never knew about before. There’s so much great music out there, and there is just no way to know about it until you know about it.

So, while I will feature a tiny taste of this year’s FF artists, I’m also going to have a strong dose of other music that is still very new to me – and hopefully you too.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for some very cool new finds in jazz, folk, pop, electronic, etc.
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Regina Folk Festival 2012: Sunday

RFF2012 Grande Finale led by the entire Guthrie Family.

My day: Wow! Maybe the finality of it being the last day has affected my judgement, but if the previous two days were really good, tonight was grand! I helped man the CJTR booth for an hour or so while listening to The Wooden Sky at nearby Sunlit Stage 2, saw a workshop hosted by Arlo Guthrie followed by another workshop, entitled, “This Machine Kills Fascists”, for which one of the many cool moments was Guthrie singing one of my favourite songs, St. James Infirmary. From there, all I did was get an iced coffee and stand in line for the main stage. Holy hell, that’s a long line! The nighttime lineup included a lot more straight/traditional folk music among other neat things. Overall, great vibe. Ran into lots more friends. What can I say? It was a really great feeling time!

Who I came to see: Arlo Guthrie

Who blew me away: The Barr Brothers

Highlights: For whatever reason, wheat was being passed around the crowd standing in front of the stage. It made taking pictures harder to do, so I donated mine back to the Earth. It was probably stolen from the nearby plaza, but it was cool to see. Also, it was really cool seeing 3 generations of Guthries on stage.

Best part of the night: The grande finale where all the performers and the audience sang “This land is your land, this land is my land”. I very much expected that to happen, but that didn’t make it any less fun!

Regrets: After the final day of Folk Fest, I still didn’t buy a single record/CD. I decided it would be better to eat, this week. I can always buy the music later. 🙂

On a scale of Holy Christ! Why Is So Horrible?, Utter Garbage, Pretty Bad, Whatever, Pretty Good, Really Good, The Best Night of My Life; I give Sunday a:
Really Good, bordering The Best Night of My Life

Final words: So glad this great festival is still going on. It’s the best festival in Regina, one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to, it brings so many people together in a tight-knit sort of way, it gets people singing, it makes people smile… I just love it. See you all next year!

Regina Folk Festival 2012: Saturday

The best part of Folk Fest: hanging out with friends in a giant outdoor concert.

My day: Got there around 12:00. Hit some really cool workshops. Bought homemade soap, bumped into more friends. Worked on my sunburn. The usual. All of it put a smile on my face – except the sunburn. That just put pain on my face (and neck and arms).

Who I came to see: Great Lake Swimmers

Who blew me away: Elage Diouf and Austra

Highlights: Seeing Shad jam with Elage Diouf and Harrison Kennedy

Best part of the night: After party with Elage Diouf and Austra!

Regrets: Not coming with more money, like I did last year. There are so many albums I want to buy but really shouldn’t/can’t. Near the end of the festival, I’m going to have to do something very difficult and choose just one (maybe two) CDs/LPs to purchase.

On a scale of Holy Christ! Why Is So Horrible?, Utter Garbage, Pretty Bad, Whatever, Pretty Good, Really Good, The Best Night of My Life; I give Saturday a:
Really Good

Regina Folk Festival 2012: Friday

My standard Folk Fest gear.

Well, like last year, I’ve decided to post about the Folk Festival semi-extensively. Doing things a little differently this time, though. Rather than posting something basically arbitrary before the day actually happens, then doing one big wrap-up post, I figured I’d spare you the boring bits and give each night a quick overview.

Once I get my film developed, I hope to have tons of good pictures to go with this.



My day: Since I no longer live conveniently in the Cathedral area, I had to make sure I had all my FF gear by 7:30 this morning when I took off for work because I knew there would be no time to go home before heading downtown. Gear included: traditional FF blanket (it’s really just a sarong that I got in Greece – looks cool, works so-so), Buddha backpack, shoulder bag, tea, water, book, sweater, camera (including bag, lenses, etc.). After work, I headed straight to the park and got in line. There were already a few hundred people ahead of me when I got there around 5:00. Not too bad. Got a sweet spot near the front, as usual. Took lots of pictures and had a good time.

Who I came to see: Mavis Staples

Who blew me away: Mavis Staples (just better than I expected, and I expected pretty damned good); Shad (didn’t really know much about him before going – really glad I caught his performance though)

Highlights: Singing CCR and The Band tunes along with the audience, lead by Mavis Staples. Pretty cool!

Best part of the night: Bumping into friends. This always happens at Folk Fest but there was one person I hadn’t seen in a while, one person I hadn’t seen in quite a while, and plenty of people that I see frequently, but always like bumping into.

Regrets: Not being able to stay for Jim Cuddy’s entire set. I caught more than half and it was admittedly Blue Rodeo-esque (a band I saw in Edmonton, including Cuddy, just two weeks ago), but I would rather have stayed for the whole thing rather than briskly walk to 11th Ave to catch the last bus home.

On a scale of Holy Christ! Why Is So Horrible?, Utter Garbage, Pretty Bad, Whatever, Pretty Good, Really Good, The Best Night of My Life; I give Friday a:
Really Good

What Planet Is This?! Presents: Regina Folk Fest Survival Guide 2012

Every Regina Folk Festival season, I am a little bit wiser than the one preceding it. It wasn’t too many years ago that I would leave the house on Saturday morning to go to Folk Fest in shorts and t-shirt (since it was around 20 degrees outside when I left and expected to get warmer throughout the day) only to get drenched in rain, freezing me to the bone, ruining any paper inserts to CDs I had scrimped enough money to purchase earlier that same day.

These days, I do much better. If you enjoy taking in the whole festival, including the free stuff, the night stuff, the late-night stuff… you’re in a for a long haul. Friday night through Sunday night can feel like early August through mid October. It’s alltheworse if you’re unprepared.

Here is just a rough sketch of things you should seriously consider bringing to this year’s festival. If you’re like me and take the bus, the more compact things can be, the better. This means, don’t bring the 2 litre bottle of sunblock and the 5 gallon pail for drinking water. Use a tiny reusable container for sublock and a reusable modestly-sized water bottle. There are free water refills in the park! If you can get everything to fit into one bag, perfect. If you’re crazy like me, you may need a little more. Personally, I’m bringing one large shoulder bag, one small backpack and one small camera bag. This is a little excesive for some folks to carry around all weekend, but when you bus everywhere, the option of “running home” to get something or drop something off does not exist.

Be prepared, but pack wisely.

Items you will require:
– backpack (to store things like merch, sunblock, water container, some kind of cloth for sitting on wet grounds.)

– umbrella (Just bring it. You will regret it when you don’t have it.)

– a camera (Trust me, I just moved this from “Items you will probably want to bring” to here. Even a cheap disposable camera will do. You will get so many fun shots! RFF2009, RFF2010, RFF2011)

– a happy outlook (RFF is full of positive vibes. Don’t let anything/anyone bring you down. It’s so easy to have a good time.}

Items you will probably want to bring:
– something dry to sit on (especially if you’re going for the nighttime shows. Sitting for 7 hours on the bare ground sucks. Some people bring lawn chairs, which is cool, but you have to sit at the back – just so you know. Personally, I suggest some kind of small blanket, towel or pillow that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.)

– heaps of money (to buy band paraphernalia, food, cool stuff in the arts market… it adds up quickly)

– water container (Do not buy bottled water, ever.)

– a cool hat (Obviously)

Hopefully this helps at least a little bit. If I think of anything else before Friday, I’ll add it here. Let me know if I missed anything by leaving a Reply on this post!

Show #137 (I think) Playlist, etc. REGINA FOLK FESTIVAL EDITION (pt. 1)

I don’t know about you, but I am officially really excited for Folk Fest this year. I know, I get excited about it every year…

Regina Folk Festival Night One
Regina Folk Festival Night Two
Regina Folk Festival Night Three
Regina Folk Festival – Storytime with Chris!

…but I just can’t help it, man. It’s my favourite Regina festival because it’s just such a good time. There’s so much to like about it: you’ve got virtually non-stop live music – usually varying greatly in styles and backgrounds, a huge arts market, loads of good people there in high spirits, good food…

Well, I’m starting my Folk Fest Fest effective immediately. Tune in tonight for What Planet Is This?! Special Folk Fest Edition Part One.
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Show #136 (I think) Playlist, etc.


You missed me. Go on. You can admit it.

I’ve been taking some much-needed time off. I spent 10 days out of town, visiting family, going exploring and going to a great music festival! It was splendorous and will include pictures soon.

I missed you too, though. I can’t deny it. Last Wednesday, around 4:25, I suddenly panicked and thought, ‘Oh my god! I’m supposed to be doing something important right now!’ I quickly realized that CJTR had it covered and I needn’t worry, but Wednesdays from 4:00 to 6:00 have become engrained in my being. Hopefully that time is permanently part of your biological clock, as well, because it’s one of so many great times to be tuned into Regina Community Radio. Not to brag. Good music just speaks for itself, is all.

That said, be sure to catch tonight’s show, 4:00 to 6:00, as always. I won’t give it away yet, but there will be a few fun surprises.
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