What Planet Is This?! Presents: Regina Folk Fest Survival Guide 2012

Every Regina Folk Festival season, I am a little bit wiser than the one preceding it. It wasn’t too many years ago that I would leave the house on Saturday morning to go to Folk Fest in shorts and t-shirt (since it was around 20 degrees outside when I left and expected to get warmer throughout the day) only to get drenched in rain, freezing me to the bone, ruining any paper inserts to CDs I had scrimped enough money to purchase earlier that same day.

These days, I do much better. If you enjoy taking in the whole festival, including the free stuff, the night stuff, the late-night stuff… you’re in a for a long haul. Friday night through Sunday night can feel like early August through mid October. It’s alltheworse if you’re unprepared.

Here is just a rough sketch of things you should seriously consider bringing to this year’s festival. If you’re like me and take the bus, the more compact things can be, the better. This means, don’t bring the 2 litre bottle of sunblock and the 5 gallon pail for drinking water. Use a tiny reusable container for sublock and a reusable modestly-sized water bottle. There are free water refills in the park! If you can get everything to fit into one bag, perfect. If you’re crazy like me, you may need a little more. Personally, I’m bringing one large shoulder bag, one small backpack and one small camera bag. This is a little excesive for some folks to carry around all weekend, but when you bus everywhere, the option of “running home” to get something or drop something off does not exist.

Be prepared, but pack wisely.

Items you will require:
– backpack (to store things like merch, sunblock, water container, some kind of cloth for sitting on wet grounds.)

– umbrella (Just bring it. You will regret it when you don’t have it.)

– a camera (Trust me, I just moved this from “Items you will probably want to bring” to here. Even a cheap disposable camera will do. You will get so many fun shots! RFF2009, RFF2010, RFF2011)

– a happy outlook (RFF is full of positive vibes. Don’t let anything/anyone bring you down. It’s so easy to have a good time.}

Items you will probably want to bring:
– something dry to sit on (especially if you’re going for the nighttime shows. Sitting for 7 hours on the bare ground sucks. Some people bring lawn chairs, which is cool, but you have to sit at the back – just so you know. Personally, I suggest some kind of small blanket, towel or pillow that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.)

– heaps of money (to buy band paraphernalia, food, cool stuff in the arts market… it adds up quickly)

– water container (Do not buy bottled water, ever.)

– a cool hat (Obviously)

Hopefully this helps at least a little bit. If I think of anything else before Friday, I’ll add it here. Let me know if I missed anything by leaving a Reply on this post!

3 thoughts on “What Planet Is This?! Presents: Regina Folk Fest Survival Guide 2012

  1. I thought of something else: tea! This may be a personal thing. Surely, you can substitute your drink of choice, but I think a good cup of tea helps complete this experience. Unlike coffee, which is often treated as go-go-go-now-now-faster-faster, tea is to be enjoyed in a relaxed, calm, reflective manner. At the Folk Festival, there’s really no need for faster-faster. You can just sit back, relax, enjoy the music and a nice cup of of your favourite green or oolong or whatever you like. đŸ™‚


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