Regina Folk Festival 2012: Friday

My standard Folk Fest gear.

Well, like last year, I’ve decided to post about the Folk Festival semi-extensively. Doing things a little differently this time, though. Rather than posting something basically arbitrary before the day actually happens, then doing one big wrap-up post, I figured I’d spare you the boring bits and give each night a quick overview.

Once I get my film developed, I hope to have tons of good pictures to go with this.



My day: Since I no longer live conveniently in the Cathedral area, I had to make sure I had all my FF gear by 7:30 this morning when I took off for work because I knew there would be no time to go home before heading downtown. Gear included: traditional FF blanket (it’s really just a sarong that I got in Greece – looks cool, works so-so), Buddha backpack, shoulder bag, tea, water, book, sweater, camera (including bag, lenses, etc.). After work, I headed straight to the park and got in line. There were already a few hundred people ahead of me when I got there around 5:00. Not too bad. Got a sweet spot near the front, as usual. Took lots of pictures and had a good time.

Who I came to see: Mavis Staples

Who blew me away: Mavis Staples (just better than I expected, and I expected pretty damned good); Shad (didn’t really know much about him before going – really glad I caught his performance though)

Highlights: Singing CCR and The Band tunes along with the audience, lead by Mavis Staples. Pretty cool!

Best part of the night: Bumping into friends. This always happens at Folk Fest but there was one person I hadn’t seen in a while, one person I hadn’t seen in quite a while, and plenty of people that I see frequently, but always like bumping into.

Regrets: Not being able to stay for Jim Cuddy’s entire set. I caught more than half and it was admittedly Blue Rodeo-esque (a band I saw in Edmonton, including Cuddy, just two weeks ago), but I would rather have stayed for the whole thing rather than briskly walk to 11th Ave to catch the last bus home.

On a scale of Holy Christ! Why Is So Horrible?, Utter Garbage, Pretty Bad, Whatever, Pretty Good, Really Good, The Best Night of My Life; I give Friday a:
Really Good

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