Regina Folk Festival 2012: Saturday

The best part of Folk Fest: hanging out with friends in a giant outdoor concert.

My day: Got there around 12:00. Hit some really cool workshops. Bought homemade soap, bumped into more friends. Worked on my sunburn. The usual. All of it put a smile on my face – except the sunburn. That just put pain on my face (and neck and arms).

Who I came to see: Great Lake Swimmers

Who blew me away: Elage Diouf and Austra

Highlights: Seeing Shad jam with Elage Diouf and Harrison Kennedy

Best part of the night: After party with Elage Diouf and Austra!

Regrets: Not coming with more money, like I did last year. There are so many albums I want to buy but really shouldn’t/can’t. Near the end of the festival, I’m going to have to do something very difficult and choose just one (maybe two) CDs/LPs to purchase.

On a scale of Holy Christ! Why Is So Horrible?, Utter Garbage, Pretty Bad, Whatever, Pretty Good, Really Good, The Best Night of My Life; I give Saturday a:
Really Good

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