Regina Folk Festival 2012: Sunday

RFF2012 Grande Finale led by the entire Guthrie Family.

My day: Wow! Maybe the finality of it being the last day has affected my judgement, but if the previous two days were really good, tonight was grand! I helped man the CJTR booth for an hour or so while listening to The Wooden Sky at nearby Sunlit Stage 2, saw a workshop hosted by Arlo Guthrie followed by another workshop, entitled, “This Machine Kills Fascists”, for which one of the many cool moments was Guthrie singing one of my favourite songs, St. James Infirmary. From there, all I did was get an iced coffee and stand in line for the main stage. Holy hell, that’s a long line! The nighttime lineup included a lot more straight/traditional folk music among other neat things. Overall, great vibe. Ran into lots more friends. What can I say? It was a really great feeling time!

Who I came to see: Arlo Guthrie

Who blew me away: The Barr Brothers

Highlights: For whatever reason, wheat was being passed around the crowd standing in front of the stage. It made taking pictures harder to do, so I donated mine back to the Earth. It was probably stolen from the nearby plaza, but it was cool to see. Also, it was really cool seeing 3 generations of Guthries on stage.

Best part of the night: The grande finale where all the performers and the audience sang “This land is your land, this land is my land”. I very much expected that to happen, but that didn’t make it any less fun!

Regrets: After the final day of Folk Fest, I still didn’t buy a single record/CD. I decided it would be better to eat, this week. I can always buy the music later. 🙂

On a scale of Holy Christ! Why Is So Horrible?, Utter Garbage, Pretty Bad, Whatever, Pretty Good, Really Good, The Best Night of My Life; I give Sunday a:
Really Good, bordering The Best Night of My Life

Final words: So glad this great festival is still going on. It’s the best festival in Regina, one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to, it brings so many people together in a tight-knit sort of way, it gets people singing, it makes people smile… I just love it. See you all next year!

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