Show #138 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Robert Glasper

I think I got Folk Fest out of my system – mostly. It was a crazy good time and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

For this week’s show, I was going to continue in full Folk Fest force, but I decided at the last second (last night) that I’d go in a diferent direction. It’s still kind of influenced by the festival though. Part of what I love about music festivals (particularly Regina Folk Fest) is discovering so many artists I never knew about before. There’s so much great music out there, and there is just no way to know about it until you know about it.

So, while I will feature a tiny taste of this year’s FF artists, I’m also going to have a strong dose of other music that is still very new to me – and hopefully you too.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for some very cool new finds in jazz, folk, pop, electronic, etc.


Things will be great when you’re:
1. Buena Vista Social Club – De Camino a La Vereda
2. Cold Specks – Holland
3. Ben Harper – Reason To Mourn
4. Vampire Weekend – I Think Ur A Contra
5. Ray Lamontagne – Shelter
6. Ferriswheel – Un peu au nord et sans distorsion
7. Feist – Caught A Long Wind
8. Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few (with Dan Mangan) – Side of the Road
9. Punch Brothers – Kid A
10. Kaada – Burden

11. Near The Parenthesis – Trailing
12. Goldfrapp – Pilots
13. Austra – Lose It
14. Champion – Two Hoboes
15. Christine Leakey – Gloom Chime
16. Beck – Cellphone’s Dead
17. Lost In The Trees – Neither Here Nor There
18. John Southworth – Life Is Unbelievable
19. The Deep Dark Woods – Oh, What A Life
20. Robert Glasper Experiment – Smells Like Teen Spirit

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