Show #149 (I think) Playlist, etc. + Long-Play Wednesday


Happy Hallowe’en to y’all. It’s Long-Play Wednesday and you know that means that I’ve packed 30 or 40 vinyl records with me.

It’s a little heavy on the funk/soul side this time around, but why stop there? I brought some classic jazz recordings, some crazy electronic stuff, some great folky music. You know how I roll around here.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for two hours of warm, crackly vinyl for your listening pleasure.
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Show #148 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Ramsey Lewis

I often wonder about the spiritual power of an instrument. Yes – you read that correctly. Who is playing John Coltrane’s saxophone right now (if anyone)? Do they appreciate that some of the most important sounds in Western music have come out of that bell? What about Woodie Guthrie’s guitar? Is that machine still killing fascists? Or what about Bach’s clavier?

To clarify, I’m not talking about recordings and written music and how legends live on and blah blah blah (although I don’t dispute that). A instrument is just a tool to bring music forth from within the individual playing it. The instrument does not make the music. Actually, neither does the musician. The music is already there. The musician is just using his/her instrument to give that music a “voice”. By doing so, though, that instrument carries with it every sound that has passed through it.

Sound is just vibration. In fact everything is a vibration. Everything that every vibrated is still vibrating right now. Every sound ever made is still sounding right now. Everything that ever existed still exists, right now.

With that in mind, tune in from 4:00 to 6:00. 🙂
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Show #147 (I think) Playlist, etc. + Radiothon 2012 Edition!


Aaaaahhhhhh yes yes y’all! It’s Radiothon at Regina Community Radio, as you know. And since you know, you are already aware that this is when we CJTR programmers rise above – to our highest quality programming yet. It’s not like we slack off around here, you know. There’s actually a lot of work involved with each show and all the volunteer work that goes on off-the-air as well. But this week especially, we’re going all out to show you why Regina Community Radio is an important part of Regina culture. I too will do my part in giving you the best show I’ve done, to date. You’re going to love what’s in store for tonight!

While you’re listening today, be sure to give the station a call at 525-7274 to make your pledge. Operators are standing by at CJTR studios, high up in the GMC tower in the warehouse district – literally at all hours of the day. It’s that important to us that we hear from you that we are giving up over 200 hours of volunteer time during Radiothon (really)! If you’re not down with calling to pledge, that’s perfectly okay. Personally, I prefer to make my pledge online, securely and safely, using PayPal.

There are daily prizes to be won, as well as one grand prize (a week-long, all-inclusive, 5-star, Mayan Riviera-type prize for two). All you have to do is pledge to be entered. For more details, check out:
Everything you want to know about Radiothon 2012!

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 tonight for a special Radiothon edition of What Planet Is This?!
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Show #146 (I think) Playlist, etc.


Sometimes, it’s good to be weird. Personally, I think it’s just fine being what others might consider to be “weird” at all times.

They said I was crazy to get into arguments with myself in public. They thought I was “out there” when I started wearing $400 shoes to go with my typical $10 Value Village wardrobe. They said it was outrageous when I would switch from ’90s gangsta rap to romantic (classical) to hillbilly punk in a single sitting. They told me I was nuts to take public transit during rush hours dressed as a pirate.*

*All of the above is true, by the way.

Well phooey on them, I say! Phooey!

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 today for a bit of weirdness. It might be something like: jazz, electronic punk, choir pop, experimental folk…
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Show #145 (I think) Playlist, etc.


It’s the beginning of the month – kind of. Did you remember to pay rent? Man, I almost forgot. That’s a story for another day though.

It seems fall is in full effect. People keep talking about snow and a bunch of them are getting sick. Personally, I’ve been expecting a blizzard since I ran out of official summer activities like music festivals and weddings for the year. Bring it on, man! Is it too early to be talking about winter or are you already in preparation for the season? I know some people get (way too) excited about things like snow and Christmas. As you know, I’m hardly a fan of the annual winter shopping frenzy, but there’s plenty of other winter stuff to look forward to: hot meals, hot drinks, fireplaces, visits with friends and family…

For now, it’s just fall. Over-priced candy and cheap, non-recycled plastic costumes seem to be everywhere while leaves keep us busy cleaning the yard.

How do you feel about this whole thing? Are you looking forward to winter? Do you prefer autumn? Would you rather just skip the cold part of the year and get back into summer daiquiri season?

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for some great music and a little bit of talk about what’s going on with your cold season.
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