Show #145 (I think) Playlist, etc.


It’s the beginning of the month – kind of. Did you remember to pay rent? Man, I almost forgot. That’s a story for another day though.

It seems fall is in full effect. People keep talking about snow and a bunch of them are getting sick. Personally, I’ve been expecting a blizzard since I ran out of official summer activities like music festivals and weddings for the year. Bring it on, man! Is it too early to be talking about winter or are you already in preparation for the season? I know some people get (way too) excited about things like snow and Christmas. As you know, I’m hardly a fan of the annual winter shopping frenzy, but there’s plenty of other winter stuff to look forward to: hot meals, hot drinks, fireplaces, visits with friends and family…

For now, it’s just fall. Over-priced candy and cheap, non-recycled plastic costumes seem to be everywhere while leaves keep us busy cleaning the yard.

How do you feel about this whole thing? Are you looking forward to winter? Do you prefer autumn? Would you rather just skip the cold part of the year and get back into summer daiquiri season?

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for some great music and a little bit of talk about what’s going on with your cold season.


When I say “hallah”:
1. Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground
2. Hey Ocean! – Terribly Stable
3. Seal – Free
4. Bedroomstudio – Melt
5. Nina Simone – Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair (Jaffa Remix)
6. Caribou – Sunsesame
7. Goldfrapp – Deer Stop
8. Jordon Blake – Alpha To Gamma
9. James Blake – Limit To Your Love
10. Keb’ Mo’ – It Hurts Me Too
11. New Country Rehab – Bury Me

You say:
12. Knar – jjh
13. Britney Spears – Womanizer (Borgore Remix)
14. Amplive – Reckonerz (feat. Chali2na)
15. Herbie Hancock (feat. P!nk & John Legend) – Imagine
16. Diana Krall – Temptation
17. Aretha Franklin – It’s So Heartbreakin’
18. D.J. Rogers – Bail Out
19. Parliament – P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)
20. James Brown – I Can’t Stand It “76”
21. Cookin’ On 3 Burners – Cressy St Breakdown
22. Isley Brothers – It’s Your Thing

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