Show #147 (I think) Playlist, etc. + Radiothon 2012 Edition!


Aaaaahhhhhh yes yes y’all! It’s Radiothon at Regina Community Radio, as you know. And since you know, you are already aware that this is when we CJTR programmers rise above – to our highest quality programming yet. It’s not like we slack off around here, you know. There’s actually a lot of work involved with each show and all the volunteer work that goes on off-the-air as well. But this week especially, we’re going all out to show you why Regina Community Radio is an important part of Regina culture. I too will do my part in giving you the best show I’ve done, to date. You’re going to love what’s in store for tonight!

While you’re listening today, be sure to give the station a call at 525-7274 to make your pledge. Operators are standing by at CJTR studios, high up in the GMC tower in the warehouse district – literally at all hours of the day. It’s that important to us that we hear from you that we are giving up over 200 hours of volunteer time during Radiothon (really)! If you’re not down with calling to pledge, that’s perfectly okay. Personally, I prefer to make my pledge online, securely and safely, using PayPal.

There are daily prizes to be won, as well as one grand prize (a week-long, all-inclusive, 5-star, Mayan Riviera-type prize for two). All you have to do is pledge to be entered. For more details, check out:
Everything you want to know about Radiothon 2012!

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 tonight for a special Radiothon edition of What Planet Is This?!


1. Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
2. Tom Waits – Deady and Lovely
3. Mark Berube And The Patriotic Few – Hello
4. Amplive – Weird Fishez
5. Soulive – Tuesday Night’s Squad
6. Kris Ellestad – Baby Step Back
7. Christine Leakey – Be You

Gangnam Style:
8. Leonard Cohen – Show Me The Place
9. Jory Nash – Citizen’s Waltz
10. Amelia Curran – The Dozens
11. Joshua Redman – Zarafah
12. Dave Weckl Band – Inner Vision
13. Beirut – Un dernier verre (pour la route)
14. Kaada – Burden
15. Owen Pallett – The Great Elsewhere
16. Aphex Twin – 4

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