Show #152 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Dr. John

We’d have to be crazy to ignore our own creativity. All those things that you liked doing as a child that were “weird” and you were told were “bad” – remember those things? Okay, tormenting the neighbour’s cat was actually bad. I mean those crazy fun things that only kids get away with, but they train out of you, as you get older.

I remember a perfect example: when I was in grade 6, I had a small group of friends and never really paid attention to anyone else. That was, until I went outside for recess one frozen winter day and found a kid standing atop a snow mound as big as he, at four and a half feet, just around the corner of the door to the school. There were other kids further away, but no one within immediate earshot, and there he was, as loud as his tiny person’s voice could carry, to the other mounds of snow singing/shouting, with a big grin on his freckled face,

Ee leek tee eet. Ee leek tee eet, eet peoples in beekeenees!
Ay lake tay ate. Ay lake tay ate, ate peoples in beekeenees!

Clearly, this was someone I had to befriend.

One thing that I liked to do when I was a tyke was make up accents. I was usually going for what I thought was French or Chinese or just ended up with some silly gibberish accent. It was great! I’d do it all day.

Somewhere along the line, though, we’re trained out of this kind of behavior. It’s not proper to pick a mound and sing to the snow anymore. You’re not allowed to make up an accent and be silly all day.

Why not? Afraid of how you’ll look to people? Who cares? What do they know? They probably liked to quack for hours on end or draw on the walls.

Well, we both know there isn’t enough room for a long drawn-out analysis here. The only real point (if there is one) is that I think we should go out of our way to be silly for a day – or maybe even better – for a moment every day. Pick something ridiculous (but harmless, of course) and just do it.

One of the recent favourites I did was to add something totally unrelated to the end of every sentence [heating duct]. I managed to carry about my regular day, including going to work, etc. and end every sentence by muttering, exclaiming or even singing the same ridiculous thing [heating duct]. I got a few weird looks, but no one ever actually said a thing about it [heating duct]. 🙂

One more was when I picked a different decade of slang for each work day of the week starting with Monday being ’30s slang day and ending with ’70s on Friday. It was great! People like having their monotony broken more than you might….

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for some great music that will hopefully inspire you to be a little weird (or normal?). Creative. That’s the word.


How to be weird:
1. The Postal Service – Sleeping In
2. Christine Leakey – Lullabies & Apple Pies
3. Jon and Roy – Five In The Morning
4. Leonard Cohen – Waiting For The Miracle
5. Joni Mitchell – Comes Love
6. Diana Krall – Temptation
7. Earl Hines – Black And Tan Fantasy
8. Stan Getz and The Oscar Peterson Trio
9. Return To Forever – Sorceress

…without taking off your pants at the supper table:
10. Dr. John – Blues In The Night
11. Victor Wooten – A Woman’s Strength
12. Buck 65 with Jenn Grant – Who By Fire
13. Tom Waits – Sins Of My Father
14. Björk – The Dull Flame Of Desire
15. Abyssinia Infinite – Lebaye
16. Amelia Curran – Hands On A Grain Of Sand
17. Sarah Slean – Sweet Ones
18. Leonard Cohen – Going Home
19. Jamiroquai – Black Crow

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