Show #172 (I think) Playlist, etc.

Belle Plaine

Belle Plaine

Some artists know how to capture sound (and lyrics) in a way that makes it seem like they’ve been here before time. That’s why we call them artists. They create in a way that make us enjoy not only what’s going on, but marvel in how they got that sound “just right”. Some artists are our favourites because they have predictable patterns that we recognize and with which we readily identify. Others become these secret lovers that excite and thrill us with exciting new sounds every time. Our favourite artists get this sacred spot in our beings that some of us hold dear forever and most of us will even fight to defend. Some artists seem to have so much music in them, it would be impossible for them not to sing/dance/play/let it out!

Tonight, tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for an assortment of great music. Hopefully you’ll hear something that seems to sing right to your soul. If not, hopefully you’ll at least enjoy it enough to forget life for just a moment and just revel in the moment.

1. Buck 65 – Leftfielder
2. Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Catch Me
3. Mihirangi – Poi Song
4. The Impossible Flower – Washed And Beached
5. Mark Berube And The Patriotic Few – Looking For Another
6. Jon and Roy – Up In The Sky
7. Belle Plaine – Vegas
8. Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling On A Line
9. Lucinda Williams – Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
10. Jason Collett – Little Tiger

We don’t need no steenking badges!:
11. Kurt Elling – Man In The Air
12. Candy Dulfer – Funkyness
13. Maceo Parker – You Don’t Know Me
14. Nina Simone – If He Changed My Name
15. Christine Leakey- Gloom Chime
16. Victor Wooten – One
17. Stepchyle – She Don’t Wanna Be
18. Thelonious Monk – Boo Boo’s Birthday
19. Beirut – A Sunday Smile
20. The Deep Dark Woods – Ramblin Mind

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