As you can see in the image above that was not stolen from a google search for “zombies”, the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

As a result of this eventuality that we all saw coming (especially me), I’ve decided to temporarily give up my post at the station today, from 4:00 to 6:00, in favour of hand-to-zombie combat. If we lose CJTR, folks, we lose it all.

What Planet Is This?! will not be on the air today. Instead, one of CJTR’s trained dispatchers will be keeping you up to date on deadite spottings in and around Regina.

Here are some survival tips that I’ve picked up, mostly from watching zombie shows on TV and in movies.

1. If you have to travel, be sure to travel in groups. The more people there are around you, the more sets of eyes you have. And we all know that if you all have to run, the slowest in the group is the most likely to be left behind. Stay fit and always stay in the group.

2. Weapons are something you can’t…. wait. I hear something in the hallway…

Must finish blog post.

Weapons are most easily fou…

Oh no…

No wait! You dead bastards! No!!! NNOOOOO!!!!


One thought on “Zombies!!!

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