Show #181 (I think) Playlist, etc.



At the end of the day, at least there’s good music.

It’s rainy again, I’m sick, I’m so tired I think I’ve begun to see and hear things that aren’t really there, life keeps speeding up and all I want to do is slow down. Man, now would be a perfect time for some blues. One of my favourite quotations comes from The Simpsons, when Bleeding Gums Murphy was talking to Lisa,

“The Blues isn’t about feeling better. It’s about making other people feel worse – and making a few bucks while you’re at it.”

Sadly, that is not my intention with the show today. As much as I would like to have us all wallow in self-pity for a couple of hours (and we all know there is no shortage of great blues music to get us there), I’m actually going to attempt the opposite: feel-good music. And I don’t mean that obnoxious self-help, you-can-do-it, go-the-distance tripe. I mean the type of stuff that genuinely makes you feel, “You know what? Things aren’t so bad.”

With your mind wide open, and all the good intentions you can muster, tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 today and enjoy.

1. Jimmy Smith – Groovin’ At Smalls
2. David Braid Sextet – Cowboy Bebop
3. Béla Fleck & The Flecktones – Flight Of The Cosmic Hippo
4. Beck – Missing
5. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band – My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now
6. Hey Ocean! – Too Soon
7. Amelia Curran – Ah, Me

8. Penny Lang – Prairie Sky
9. Seal – Free
10. Divine Brown – Best Friend
11. Kurt Elling – In The Winelight
12. Mayer Hawthorne – You Called Me
13. Pink Martini – Tempo Perdido
14. Joni Mitchell – A Chair In The Sky
15. Brandi Disterheft – Blues For Nelson Mandela
16. David “Fathead” Newman – Asia Beat
17. John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman – My One And Only Love

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