Show #203

Sam Cooke, January 22, 1931 – December 11, 1964

Sam Cooke, January 22, 1931 – December 11, 1964

You know that thing you do each Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00? Well, it’s happening again today. No, really. I feel so confident it will happen that I will even brave Regina city transit including a 10-bloody-freezing-minute wait to transfer downtown, just to get to the station to witness it happen. I will do this just for you.

No need to thank me, gentle people of Regina. Just tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 and enjoy the fruits of my labour.*

*The above is really only like half true. Just sayin’.

Two forward:
1. Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #4 (7 Kettles)
2. The Bad Plus – Heart Of Glass
3. Mark Berube And The Patriotic Few – Hello
4. iqtu – Quiet Dream
5. Sarah Slean – Awake Soon
6. Amelia Curran – The Dozens
7. Seal – A Change Is Gonna Come
8. Divine Brown – Next Best Thing
9. Alvin Youngblood Hart – When I Was A Cowboy (Western Plains)
10. Leonard Cohen – Come Healing
11. George Shearing – This Can’t Be Love

One back:
12. David “Fathead” Newman – Keep The Spirits Singing
13. Prince – If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life
14. Ray Brown – Caravan
15. The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Day After Day
16. Johnny Hartman – It Never Entered My Mind
17. Tom Waits – Big Joe And Phantom 309
18. Great Lake Swimmers – Everything Is Moving So Fast
19. Count Basie – Trey Of Hearts
20. Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Cheek To Cheek
21. Stan Getz & Bill Evans – But Beautiful

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