Show #209



So, I’ve decided to make public my groundbreaking theory of time separation in subspace anomalies. It sounds simple in title, but I assure you that the complexities of of this theory and the potentially devastating problems that could arise if this information found its way into the wrong hands, will reveal themselves in time, with or without my work being the thing that brings this all to light.

There will also be an unrelated segment where I play some sweet tunes, from about 4:00 to 6:00. Tune in, and beware.

1. The Deep Dark Woods – The Sun Never Shines
2. Hayden – Two Doors
3. Etran Finatawa – Diam Walla
4. Great Uncles Of The Revolution – When We Were Little
5. Joshua Redman – East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
6. Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band – Comes Love
7. Tom Waits – World Keeps Turning
8. Kid Koala – Drunk Trumpet

In the night:
9. The Dissociatives – Horror With Eyeballs
10. Molly Johnson – Let’s Waste Some Time
11. Zoë Keating – Optimist
12. Pink Martini – Cante e Dance
13. Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Action
14. Jimmy Smith – Once In A While
15. Parliament – I’ve Been Watching You
16. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

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