Show #211

Pop Levi

Pop Levi

If you’re reading this, it means I’ve successfully travelled through time, again. Upon attempt #47, I discovered a single, unplanned change that has made all the difference. It was never about amazing speed or gigawatts, but it does involve vibration.

I’ll tell you all about it later.  But first,

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for a totally unrelated show.

Once there was a way:
1. Mike Patton – Deep Down
2. Pop Levi – Semi-Babe
3. Andy Shauf – Open
4. Buck 65 feat. Jenn Grant – Who By Fire
5. Radiohead – Kid A
6. Dr. John – Iko Iko
7. Trombone Shorty & James Andrews – Ooh Poo Pah Doo
8. Soul Rebels Brass Band & John Mooney – Drinka Little Poison (4 U Die)
9. Professor Longhair – Go To The Mardi Gras
10. Fats Domino – When The Saints Go Marching In
11. Belle Plaine – Notes From A Waitress

To get back homeward:
12. Elvis Costello – Edith And The Kingpin
13. The Cat Empire – Steal The Light
14. Arcade Fire – Une année sans lumiere
15. Janis Joplis – Piece Of My Heart
16. Lenny Breau – Georgia On My Mind
17. Molly Johnson – Messin’ Around
18. Morcheeba – Tape Loop
19. Ray Charles – Funny, But I Still Love You
20. Randy Newman & The Louisiana Philharmonic – Louisiana 1927

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