Show #218


The Dissociatives

Here for your weekly listening pleasure, it’s time for a rainy day edition of What Planet Is This?!.

I’ll be bringing the funky smooth grooves and the sweet soul music you love and dig across the universe.

Tune in from 4:00 for another auditory intergalactic voyage.

1. The Dissociatives – We’re Much Preferred Customers
2. The Deep Dark Woods – Pacing The Room
3. Kelly Jefferson – Rainwater Motivational
4. Oliver Nelson – Stolen Moments
5. Zoë Keating – The Path
6. Tipsy – Sweet Cinnamon Punch
7. Hey Ocean! – Alright
8. The Lost Fingers – Part-Time Lover
9. Shugo Tokumaru – Future Umbrella

Or Rain:
10. Gil Evans – Where Flamingos Fly
11. Nomadic Massive – Sundance (Spirit Chasers Remix)
12. Jon And Roy – Moonlight
13. Jimmy Smith – Dark Eyes
14. Leonard Cohen – Show Me The Place
15. Victor Wooten – A Woman’s Strength
16. Eden Rohatensky – Portrait Of A Grey Man
17. Jory Nash – Citizen’s Waltz
18. Charles Mingus – Theme For Lester Young (Goodbye Pork Pie Hat)

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