Show #220



Feel that late afternoon nap coming on but don’t want to get fired for something that won’t get you street cred, like sleeping with the boss’ wife?

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for two hours of musical goodies to help take the edge off the end of your day.

The harder you try:
1. No Name Jazz Sextet – Gondola Trip
2. Morcheeba – Moog Island
3. Beck – Wave
4. Buck 65 – Leftfielder
5. Booker T. Jones feat. Yim Yames – Progress
6. Ray Lamontagne – Drive-In Movies
7. Sarah Slean – Out In The Park
8. Chick Corea – City Of Brass
9. Jeffery Straker – Furious Butterfly

The further you’ll be left behind:
10. Tracy Chapman – Smoke And Ashes
11. Counting Crows – Raining In Baltimore
12. Thelonious Monk – Green Chimneys
13. Dave Young Trio – Down The Middle
14. Tango Argentina – Tango Del Eco
15. Andy Shauf – Swimming In A Cage
16. Parliament – Funkentelechy

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