Regina Folk Festival 2014: Friday


Well, this evening had its up and down, but after all is said and done, you kind of have to take the good with the bad. Oh well.

My day: As has become my M.O., I packed my RFF Survival Kit before leaving the house for work, and set off by bike. After a long day of counting the minutes, I finally headed downtown, locked the bike, and got in line, earlier than usual. Chatted with a couple of friends, worked on my sunburn, and waited eagerly for the gates. Once in, I probably grinned like an idiot for the first hour, as I settled into my usual spot and refamiliarized myself with the surroundings. Man. I love this festival!

Who I came to see: Blitz The Ambassador

Who blew me away: Joel Plaskett. What a pro! Great songs, great style, clearly knows his way around an audience. Yeah. Knew exactly how to please the crowd!

Highlights: None, really. It was great visiting with friends, but that’s about it.

Best part of the night: Though terribly brief, spending a bit of time at a friend’s apartment after the rest of the show was cancelled. Could have easily stayed there, drinking wine and telling stories. I was out-voted 6 to 1 for O’Hanlon’s though.

Regrets: Everything was CANCELLED!!! Damn it! In the middle of  Blitz The Ambassador – the guy I’d been waiting months to see, an announcement is made that the weather is too bad to continue. I biked home, sulking, then it stormed like hell for an hour, then wine, then O’Hanlon’s (in which I did not partake).

Overall: The night started off fine, but sadly turned into a bit of a let down. Not the Folk Fest’s fault, of course. Just the was I crumbles, cookie-wise. Tomorrow will be better.

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