Show #242

Here in the small city of Regina, we may find it easier to connect with one another on a personal level, even for a moment, than in larger centers like Vancouver or Calgary. Maybe. But there is still a city mentality of self importance in this town that is noticed any time someone cuts us off in traffic, doesn’t hold a door open for us, or behaves apathetically when we suffer. We may have been guilty of these things, ourselves.

These actions come from a feeling of self-importance. We may not spend our days thinking of how much better we are than everyone else, but we’re all ultimately always looking out for number one.

It doesn’t take much to be better. You don’t have to be perfect. Just try harder to be nice and you’ll feel better than when you just felt self-important.

Sorry to sound preachy, but I come across as many self-important people in a day as anyone, and there seems to be a influx in people acting like jerks lately.

Be nice, god damn it!

Oh yeah, and tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for great music by which not to be a jerk. I promise that there will be no podium moments like this.

Are you blueish?:
1. Joshua Redman – Zarafah
2. Beirut – Venice
3. Todd Terje feat Bryan Ferry – Johnny And Mary
4. Hey Ocean! – Moving On
5. Frank Zappa – It Must Be A Camel
6. The Flaming Lips feat. My Morning Jacket, Fever The Ghost, & J Mascis) – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
7. Champion – Sergio’s Trio
8. Great Uncles Of The Revolution – The One And Only
9. Petunia – The Lonesome Pine Hollows

You don’t look… blueish:
10. Coleman Hawkins & Duke Ellington – Mood Indigo
11. Morcheeba – Never An Easy Way
12. Chvrches – Get Away
13. Corb Lund – This Is My Prairie
14. Highasakite – Hiroshima
15. The Lazy MKs – The Q.T.
16. Soulive – Flurries
17. Tom Waits – Little Drop Of Poison
18. Snoop Lion – So Long

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