Show #247 + Long-Play Wednesday


Ladies and gentlemen, get out your apps. It’s time to tune in to What Planet Is This?!

All vinyl today. You know the drill. 4:00 to 6:00, jazz, funk, folk, electronic, pop, etc.

I’ve got some exciting new records to share with you today, so don’t miss it!

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Show #246


Dave Brubeck

Did you know Anthony Hopkins composed a symphony once? Crazy, right? Maybe I’ll do a theme on WPIT?! about unexpected musicians someday.

Not today though. Today, you can expect a thoroughly random selection of neat tracks for all occasions.

If you’re hoping for some sweet themed show time, though, fear not. It’s still in planning, but the annual holiday special featuring a special guest co-host is right around the corner. More info as this develops. Check out @WhatPlanetRadio for updates.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 PM today for some typical, garden-variety jazz, funk, electronic music, experimental music, and insanity – the normal kind.

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Show #244


Elvis Costello

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for top-notch local programming.

The misinterpretation of silence:
1. Miracle Fortress – Miscalculations
2. Hugh Masekela – Mama
3. Todd Terje – Alfonso Muskedunder
4. James Brown – Don’t Tell A Lie About Me And I Won’t Tell The Truth On You
5. Diana Krall – Temptation
6. Highasakite – Iran
7. Mr. Something Something – Through The Dirt
8. La Roux – Kiss And Not Tell
9. Return To Forever – The Romantic Warrior

And It’s Disastrous Consequences:
10. David Myles – Out Of Love
11. Joshua Redman – Wish
12. The Deep Dark Woods – Journey Home
13. Elvis Costello – Alison
14. Mo Kenney – I Can’t Talk
15. Mike Patton – L’uomo Che Non Sapera Amare
16. Ella Fitzgerald – Why Can’t You Behave?
17. Basia Bulat – I Was A Daughter
18. Jane Monheit – I Won’t Dance
19. Soulive – Ne-Ne