Show #255: The Public Transit Episode


Anat Cohen

It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those ultra-loose half-assed themes, and I happen to be riding a bus right now, so this one’s for the commuters!

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 for the crowded, noisy, cold, sometimes smelly, and generally unpleasant ride home.

1. Tom Waits – Everything You Can Think
2. The Deep Dark Woods – Farewell
3. Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards – Goin’ Up The River
4. Dengue Fever – No Sudden Moves
5. Pink Martini – Hey Eugene
6. Son Lux – Raise
7. Nomadic Massive – Guaguancaso
8. Björk – Quicksand
9. Bunshop Productions – Loki Bunky (Bed Like Odin) (Machinate remix)

10. user48736353001 – 28 organ epic
11. Download – Pleck
12. Jon Ballantyne – R.S.V.P.
13. Mark Ronson feat. Keystone Starr – I Can’t Lose
14. Seeed – Psychedelic Kingdom
15. Anat Cohen – La Vie En Rose
16. The Great Uncles Of The Revolution – The One And Only
17. The Cat Empire – The Rhythm

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