Show #257


Get ready fonkofize, philosophize, get hypnotized, and shake dem thighs! Yes yes, hop aboard the mothership and connect with all spacekind! Relax and let the aura take you away.

Tune into Regina’s coolest Community Radio station from 4:00 to 6:00. Get up, and get down!

Use The Force:
1. The Bad Plus – Theme From Chariots Of Fire
2. Joshua Redman Elastic Band – Put It In Your Pocket
3. Socalled – Heart Attack Feeling
4. CoMa – Where Do We Go? (EEMPE Remix)
5. Dr. John – Lazy Bones
6. Cœur de pirate – The Great Escape Artist
7. Oscar Brown, Jr. – Brother Where Are You? (Matthew Herbert Remix)
8. DeVotchKa – I Cried Like A Silly Boy
9. Mo Kenney – Five Years

Join the Dark Side:
10. iqtu – laconic
11. Lovage – Anger Management
12. Hey Ocean! – Alright
13. Anat Cohen – All Brothers
14. Jagwar Ma – What Love
15. New Buffalo – Inside
16. Mark Berube And The Patriotic Few with Dan Mangan – Side Of The Road
17. Oliver Jones – Someone To Watch Over Me
18. Molly Johnson – Northern Star
19. Aretha Franklin – Think

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