Show #262 + Long-Play Wednesday


On Tuesday November 10th, 2009, at 8:00 PM, What Planet Is This?! was on the air for the very first time.

Nowadays, I just make everything up as I go along, but back then, especially on that first show, I pre-planned every minute! When I got the call that the show was on, I started thinking about one thing the most: what do I play first? It has to be a killer track, a true classic, something that really sets the feel for the whole show.

It was Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man. I’m lucky to have an original pressing vinyl copy of that album (Head Hunters).

So, ever since the show’s beginnings, vinyl has had a strong presence. That continues to this day, when I bring around 30 records with me for the last Wednesday of every month.

Tune in today from 4:00 to 6:00 for big, warm, vinyl sound.

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Show #261


The Cat Empire

Another Wednesday, and what better way to spend the transition from afternoon to evening than with your favourite community radio station?

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 and enjoy.

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Show #260


The view from my window on the bus.

Is that the delightful touch of summer I feel approaching? Birds are singing, snow is melting, the Regina Folk Fest lineup is to be announced in a week… Yes yes. Things are looking up.

Let’s bask in the hopes that spring is actually here – at least before it crushes us with that surprise -40 day (or week) before finally subsiding.

Tune in from 4:00 to 6:00 and let’s all hope for the best.

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