Show #263: Windy Wednesday?



It almost knocks you over as it sprays a mist of tiny rocks into your eyes.  It howls like a banshee at night.  It brushes across the prairie fields with a gentle power.  The wind is ever-present in Regina.  Join me from 4:00 to 6:00 to listen to some songs for windy weather.

Let your backbone:
1. David “Fathead” Newman – Life
2. Thelonious Monk feat. Jon Hendricks – In Walked Bud
3. John Southworth – Let’s Jazz All You Young Aliens
4. Beirut – Nantes
5. Quinton Sung – Airbag
6. Jane Monheit – A Case Of You
7. Emily King – Ever After
8. Oliver Jones – Dizzy-Nest
9. Lee Morgan – City Lights

10. Kaneel – Triste Sire
11. Andy Shauf – Swimming In A Cage
12. Cassandra Wilson – Vietnam Blues
13. No Name Jazz Sextet – Les Couloirs
14. Dosh – Call The Kettle
15. Easy Star All-Stars feat Max Romeo – Fixing A Hole (Extended Dub Mix)
16. Quique Escamilla – Presa Facil
17. Tom Waits – Bottom Of The World
18. Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun

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